Has Ryan Reynolds invested in Bitcoin Trader?

By: Invezz
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on Apr 16, 2020
Updated: May 3, 2020

Is Bitcoin Trader scamming people using fake celebrity and TV endorsements? For a while now, this has been the question on the minds of many, especially those who are said to have lost money owing to a series of Bitcoin-related scams.

Today, we’re going to answer that plus a couple of other questions to help solve this puzzle once and for all.

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For starters, who is Ryan Reynolds and what exactly is Bitcoin Trader?

About Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Rodney Reynolds, born in Vancouver, Canada in October 1976, is a celebrated movie star, film producer, comedian, and entrepreneur. The Canadian-American actor made his first TV appearance in 1991 and has since featured in dozens of comedies, thriller movies, among others.

Reynold’s biggest film career breakthrough came with Deadpool, a movie that had been in the pipeline since 2000. 

In recent years, the celebrity has made some notable investments including one in 2018 where he purchased a stake in Aviation American Gin and towards the end of last year, he took another ownership stake in Mint Mobile.

Reynolds is worth about £60 million but rumour has it that the movie star’s wealth has grown threefold since he invested in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Trader

Thanks to innovative minds, we now have automated systems for trading Bitcoin. But the tech seems to be off to a rough start, with scammers targeting novice investors using fake profiles of the trading tools. We’ll talk about that more in a bit.

Bitcoin Trader is one of the first forms of automated trading tools meant for the Bitcoin markets. The platform offers a simplified way of buying and selling Bitcoin, without spending a lot of time scavenging through the markets.

Bitcoin Trader runs a proprietary robot that enables it to execute trades on behalf of investors, with minimal to no effort required from account holders.

To find out more about how the platform work, check out our review right here.

Did Reynolds invest in Bitcoin Trader as alleged?

In all the reliable sources containing information on the celebrity, none mentions his interest in investing in Bitcoin trading robots. The story about his net worth growing three times higher since apparently investing in Bitcoin is nothing but a bad joke.

Why the story has been trending for a while

Any controversial story involving a famous individual is bound to trend, and it could partly be the reason why we’ve seen ads about this alleged scam more times than we could remember.

We also couldn’t help but notice the hullabaloo around this story, even as credible sites began dismissing the endorsement claim as fake news. Our in-depth analysis revealed a well-choreographed scheme by a network of internet marketers to reap as much signup and clickthrough commissions as possible from the story before the truth is finally out. 

We discovered that the sites containing the fake ads were mostly fake and known to spread rumours. Readers are advised to consume news content from credible sources always to avoid such pitfalls.

Is Bitcoin Trader a scam?

Not necessarily. It wouldn’t be objective to call it a sham simply because it has been used in this way by 3rd party marketers. We appreciate the fact that a lot goes into qualifying a trading tool as being legit or not. If you’re interested, we’ve broken down everything you need to consider in our review

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