Theta partners up with Korean gaming-centric social platform

Written by: Ali Raza
July 30, 2020
  • Theta recently partnered up with Ludena Protocol in order to expand to South Korea.
  • The partnership will expose Theta's content to Ludena's users, and vice versa.
  • By expanding to Korea, Theta will also be able to get its streaming service to Samsung's smartphones.

The crypto and blockchain industries’ ties with gaming continue to strengthen with the recent partnership between the crypto-centric eSports platform Theta, and South Korean social gaming platform Ludena Protocol. The two projects teamed up to provide their users with rewards for streaming and watching content offered on the platforms.

A new partnership for greater exposure

Thanks to the partnership, the Theta protocol will be integrated into Ludena’s first dApp, the GameTalkTalk. This will also allow the social platform’s three million users to receive an easy access to Theta’s own streaming services. The two firms will also work on bringing GameTalkTalk to Europeans and North Americans.

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Those who choose to engage with Theta will receive rewards for spending their time on the platform. The rewards will come in the form of TFUEL token, Theta’s native cryptocurrency.

In return, Theta will integrate Ludena’s GameTalkTalk into its own streaming platform, ThetaTV. That way, Ludena will be able to expose its channel to Theta’s audience, which currently exceeds five million individuals.

Theta TV to will be supported by Samsung

Furthermore, this partnership, and the resulting integration, will also lead to the first launch of Theta’s new service for Android, Live Mobile Embed. Basically, the service will allow Android users to stream Theta TV on their phones.

The companies seem to be ideal partners, and Theta Labs’ CEO, Mitch Liu, said as much himself. He also added that Theta Live Embed is already live and available on over a dozen other partnering platforms. The new move will see it reach Korea, as well, and the company is quite excited about it.

Meanwhile, Theta’s own tokens, THETA and the mentioned TFUEL, are currently still trending sideways. They both saw a major price increase after the launch of the project’s mainnet 2.0, which came in May of this year.