Dash price grows by 10%, breaches $100 mark

on Aug 7, 2020
  • Dash price surged in late July, finally allowing it to breach $90.
  • The coin was not above this level since late February of this year.
  • Following the breaking of this resistance, DASH also surged past $100.

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Dash (DASH) has seen a strong surge in the last several days, which allowed it to climb back above $100 mark for the first time in over six months. The coin is still far from its YTD high, but it appears to be on its way up, at least for now.

DASH in 2020

DASH price was quite low in the early days of the year, sitting at around $40. However, the coin started seeing an excellent price performance almost immediately, surging up to $60 in the first week of the year.

Following a minor correction, DASH surged yet again, this time seeing a much stronger growth, which took it from $50 to $132 in only six days.

Of course, everyone moved to buy Dash at the time, which allowed the coin to get such strong momentum. However, every massive surge often results in a strong correction, as well, and so Dash soon stopped surging, and it dropped by nearly $40, back to $90. This level served as a strong support, and it softened the coin’s fall, preventing it from sinking further down.

When the entire market started rallying, DASH joined in and it surged to the same height of $132 once more. Similarly enough, when the bulls withdrew and correction took place, the coin once again sank to $90, and then back to $40 after the mid-March crash.

Dash recovery after March

After sinking back to $40, Dash remained near this support for several days before it once again surged up to $70. This was a quick recovery, but from there on, the coin had to work hard to bypass every major resistance.

Eventually, it reached $90 again by May, but the resistance rejected its price to $65. The coin remained stuck between $65 and $80 for over two months, and it finally started seeing another growth as July came to a close.

Now, in early August, DASH is surging once again, with a growth of 10% in the last 24 hours. The surge allowed it to breach the resistance at $90, and even the one at $100, at least for now.


It remains to be seen whether Dash will keep surging, or if a correction is to take place in days to come. For now, however, the coin represents a great opportunity for those who invested when its price was low.


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