EagleFX: Is Forex Affiliate Marketing Worth Doing?

on Sep 22, 2020
Updated: Dec 19, 2022

If you’re curious about affiliate programs and how they work, you’ve come to the right place. It’s a well-known truth that the most successful businessmen don’t fulfill their financial goals by only working a 9-5 day job. However, you may be asking yourself whether affiliate marketing is truly worth the hustle-and-bustle, or if there are easier ways to make money.

The best Forex Affiliate Programs provide traders with the unique opportunity to become a partner of the broker. Affiliates promote their broker to their online audiences, in turn earning a commission for every lot traded by their new clients. By joining an Affiliate Program, affiliates also benefit from enhancing their reputation as a reliable source of information for Forex traders, which could open the door to numerous future possibilities for earning! 

We believe that Affiliate Marketing is worth every second, as the effort to create a successful campaign will be paid back in profit. Plus, Affiliate Marketing only gets easier as affiliates become more experienced. In this article, we will look at a few reasons why:

Business for the Digital Age

The digital era has brought with it many new opportunities for people to work, earn money and network, without the need to even leave the house! With remote working becoming the norm for most businesses in 2020, the benefits of having a business that is not limited by time and space have been magnified. 

Running a business from the comfort of your own home can give you the freedom and flexibility you need to be creative, productive and comfortable while working. Moreover, the internet has helped businesses overcome a wide range of obstacles, such as language barriers and international borders, making it possible to communicate a message to worldwide audiences in an instant. 

Creating your Own Brand

Affiliate marketing is a great way for people to take charge of their own brand, even if they’re not naturally gifted in public speaking or leadership skills. The safety of a screen means that affiliates can take the time they need to carefully build up their online presence, without outside pressure. 

On the other hand, affiliate marketing may be a daunting path to take for people who are more reserved when it comes to their digital presence. In this case, an option would be to create a new brand from scratch, using a pseudonym. 

Starting out might not be an easy ride, but it’s certainly worth it. In time, you will be presented with different opportunities and situations that help you develop your own strategy that works for both your audience and yourself. The time invested in the early days of your campaign will soon pay off, as this is when your patience, determination and eagerness to grow will shine through.  

EagleFX 5-Tier Affiliate Program

The EagleFX 5-Tier Affiliate Program is specifically designed to help affiliates earn a lifelong commission. Upon signing up to the program, affiliates receive their own unique link which will keep track of all clients who sign up to EagleFX through their referral. This link will also identify traders who sign up through the affiliate’s own referrals, as the commission structure runs 5 levels deep. 

So, how much can you earn? EagleFX affiliates earn $4 per lot traded by their clients, which can increase to up to $5 per lot traded if those clients continue to refer more traders. 

Affiliates are provided with all the materials they need to help make their campaign a success, including a dedicated Affiliate Manager who will be available to discuss ideas and issues to stimulate further growth. 

Ready to boost your earning potential? Become an EagleFX Affiliate by creating a new account or logging in to your existing EagleFX account. Then select ‘Affiliate Program’ on the top menu of your dashboard and fill in the registration form. Sign up for free here 



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