Best place to buy GameStop stock: top platforms to trade GME

Written by: Charlie Hancox
March 11, 2021
  • GameStop stock sky-rockets in value
  • WallStreetBets effect in full-effect
  • Where is the best place to buy GameStop stock?

After several weeks of madness surrounding the price of GameStop, the situation seemed to have calmed down. However, WallStreetBets doesn’t seem to be finished just yet, and now GME stock is up more than four-fold in after-hours trading.

This could be yet another dramatic short squeeze situation after GameStop, AMC Entertainment (AMC), Nokia (NOK) and BlackBerry (BB) all sky-rocketed in value a fortnight ago. In this article, we explain how to buy GameStop shares, where to buy GameStop shares and the best place to buy GME.

Where to buy GameStop stock fast

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Not all broker platforms are equal, especially after the many trading restrictions imposed during January’s drama, and with some brokers even selling their users’ shares without consent, it is extremely important to choose a broker you can count on. So, if you want to buy shares in GME today but are unsure of your reliable broker options, we have saved you some time by listing 3 of the best platforms to buy GME below.

1.) eToro

As one of the top trading platforms in the entire European continent, eToro has established an excellent reputation amongst retail investors. It is a trustworthy platform that is accessible to beginners and has a great interface with powerful tools. If you want to buy GameStop shares with eToro, register by clicking below.

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2.) Trading 212

Trading 212 is one of the UK’s top online brokers. Its clean, clear interface is industry-leading, and the platform’s reputation is well-established. If you want to buy GME stock with Trading 212, register below and get started now.

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3.) Plus500

If you would rather invest in GME using a CFD, Plus500 has got you covered. If you want to gain exposure to the price of GameStop shares without owning shares outright, Plus500 is an excellent option.

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If none of these brokers have captured your attention, check out our reviews page for more options. If you need to learn more about buying shares before you invest in GameStop, our buying shares guide will stand you in good stead.

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What is GameStop?

Based in Grapevine, Texas, GameStop is an American corporation that sells video games, consumer electronics and other gaming merchandise. It is regarded as the world’s largest video game retailer with 5,509 stores in operation internationally.

Why is GameStop shooting up in value?

GameStop struggled throughout the 2010s due to the shift of video games sales to online platforms, but with key new management staff coming to the table, the company set its sights on competing with Amazon and taking the battle for supremacy online.

Whilst some investors bought into this thesis, others identified GameStop as a stock to buy based on market conditions. Hedge funds, groups that invest with collective pools of their customers’ capital, had large short positions open on GameStop. The idea was that by forcing the price of GameStop up, these funds would be forced to buy, driving the price even higher. Many thought prices were firmly on the decline and the squeeze was over, but yesterday’s developments show this is far from the case.

The market reacts to GameStop’s rise

Investors on social media have been chiming in with their opinions about the GameStop situation.

As the saga continues to play out, make sure you keep informed about the latest news on the Invezz website.