NuCypher is today’s hottest crypto: here’s where to buy

By: Charlie Hancox
Charlie Hancox
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on Jun 4, 2021
  • The price of NU crypto has risen sharply today
  • Find out what NuCypher is
  • What are the investment prospects for NuCypher?

Today’s hottest cryptocurrency is NuCypher. The price of NU coin has risen by more than 50% in the last 24 hours, capping off a highly successful week for the project. Due to this surge, many crypto investors have found themselves wondering how to buy NuCypher coin.

So, we thought we would help. Simply scroll down to find out the best place to buy NuCypher online.

Where to buy NuCypher ‘stock’ online

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First things first, NuCypher is not a stock; it is a cryptocurrency. Now you understand this distinction, let’s get into what you are here for: where to buy NuCypher crypto.

As a fairly new project, NuCypher is most commonly purchase via a decentralised exchange (DEX). However, we feel the two options below are the best places to buy and sell cryptocurrency:

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What is NuCypher coin?

Founded in 2015 in San Francisco, NuCypher is a software that aims to provide a combined security and privacy layer for decentralised applications that are built on top of public blockchains, such as Ethereum. Its two main services fall into two categories: Secrets Management and Dynamic Access Control.

It allows developers to store, share, and manage private data, and in the long term, it aims to add an interoperable security layer to various blockchains. The function of the platform’s native token, NU, is used to incentive computers connected to the network to perform encryption services for users. It can be used for holding, sending, or staking and plays a key role in maintaining the network.

Should I buy NuCypher coin?

If you buy into the technology and have faith in MacLane Wilkison and Michael Egorov – the founders of the project – now could be a good time to invest in NuCypher. Just make sure you take your time, don’t make any rash decisions and conduct the necessary due diligence to feel confident with your investment.

Will NuCypher make me rich?

While it is never a good idea to go into an investment with a ‘go big or go home’ mentality, the growth potential of NU tokens is very promising. If you make your entry now at an early stage, you could be poised to benefit as NuCypher’s services become more widely adopted, driving up the value of NU coin.

NuCypher price prediction

Many analysts have set lofty price targets for NuCypher, with some projecting a yield of over 1000% from a five-year investment. However, we are keen to not set a definitive NU price target, or any other cryptocurrency for that matter. This is because the trajectory of blockchain technology isn’t quite as predictable as the stock market in the long term.

However, we do feel that NuCypher has a strong and promising future moving forward.

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