France says Holochain is an emerging technology: should you buy?

on Aug 2, 2021
  • Holochain is an end-to-end, open-source P2P app framework.
  • It experienced a 2,000% surge in value at the beginning of February 2021.
  • We figure out if it’s a worthwhile investment in August.

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Holo HOT/USD is a peer-to-peer distributed platform dedicated to hosting decentralized applications that are built through Holochain, which is the framework for the development of the dApps and does not require any use of blockchain technology. This is a bridge between the broader internet and apps built through the usage of Holochain.

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On March 25, Holochain was granted a U.S. Patent for the rrDHT networking innovations found within it.

It is a post-blockchain technology that does not require mining or staking, and it intends to allow the creation of independent nodes that are validated against each other while enabling hosts to operate numerous full nodes even on mobile devices.

On August 1, the French Government announced a program to support cultural technologies where Holochain was mentioned as an emerging one that can create important underlying structures for building.

Should you buy Holo (HOT)?

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On August 1, Holo (HOT) had a value of $0.0063.

Holo gained its all-time high value of $0.0312 on April 5. This puts its value in August about 80% lower. Its all-time low was March 13, 2020, at $0.00022. That’s an increase of 14,000%.

To put things into perspective, we will be looking at its performance throughout July.

On July 26, it saw its highest value of the month at $0.0065. The lowest value it experienced was on July 21 with a value of $0.0043. The highest point in July marks just a 3% difference from the value it had in August.

On August 1, Holo (HOT) had a trading volume of $81,470,799, as well as a market cap of $1,085,845,269. There are currently 172.67 billion HOT tokens in circulation.

Given the fact that Holochain enables just about any device to have its own chain-based ledger system, it provides a framework for developers to build dApps and can change the paradigm of data-centric blockchains to an agent-centric system.

With its various use-cases, and backing from the French government, alongside their patented technology, we can expect big things from Holo (HOT) and as such, it has the potential of growing in value to $0.0080 by the end of August or 27%. This might make it a worthwhile purchase, but this would only be the case if you are the kind of investor that does not mind holding onto it for prolonged periods of time, as its growth path will be incremental at first.


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