Where to buy Lossless (LSS): trending after helping Cream Finance recover $16.7M of stolen funds

on Oct 4, 2021
Updated: Oct 11, 2021
  • The price of the Lossless (LSS) is currently at about $0.4267
  • Its price has shot up by 87% in the last 24 hours.
  • Here is a quick guide on where to buy Lossless (LSS).

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As blockchain solutions increase, one cryptocurrency, the Lossless (LSS) is currently trending curtsey to its blockchain helping a DeFi platform recover $16.7 million of crypto funds that had been stolen after the protocol was exploited by hackers. The coin is currently on a very strong bullish trend and it has caught the attention of crypto investors; most of whom don’t want to be left out as the coin takes off.

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To help new investors and traders eyeing the cryptocurrency, Invezz has created a brief article to assist crypto traders and investors understand what Lossless (LSS) is and also find the best place to buy it.

To find out more, please continue reading.

Best places to buy Lossless (LSS)

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What is Lossless (LSS)?

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Lossless (LSS) is the native cryptocurrency of the Lossless protocol.

If it is the first time hearing about this protocol, it is a hack mitigation tool for token creators. Token creators insert Lossless code into their protocol. The code is designed to freeze fraudulent transactions through some fraud identification parameters. The frozen transactions are then audited and evaluated to find out if they are a result of a hack or not. If it is found to be a hack, the funds are returned to the owner’s account.

It was founded in the first quarter of 2021 and it has grown to become a hardy tool especially to DeFi developers. The recent recovery of $16.7 worth of cryptocurrencies stolen from Cream Finance has set the protocol on the right trend.

LSS token gives holders the ability to participate in the freezing of fraudulent transactions. A holder gets the right to freeze fraudulent transactions after he or she stakes LSS tokens.

Should I buy LSS token today?

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If you are looking for a new cryptocurrency that is currently on the rise and whose value has the potential of growing, then the LSS token is a good choice.

Nevertheless, you should be aware of the fact that buying the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile.

Lossless price prediction

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The price of Lossless (LSS) is expected to continue rising especially following the role that the Lossless protocol is playing within the DeFi space.

Lossless social media coverage

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