Interview with Kinga Nowak, CMO of SuperBid

  • Company has aimed for auctions from the very beginning because of their huge potential
  • NFTs connect celebrities with fans through shared memories, items, and experiences
  • Superbid verifies authenticity because each subsequent buyer of an NFT sees the original author

Superbid is a revolutionary marketplace that connects buyers and sellers on a secure and transparent platform for digital asset transactions. CMO of the company Kinga Nowak talks to Invezz about the latest developments in the NFT space, proceeds from NFTs to celebrities, and unique memories that can be monetized as an NFT.

What’s behind the name SuperBid? Was the company always intended as a platform to enable auctioning?

SuperBid is a combination of words that indicate the nature of our platform and also our purpose. The adjective super is an abbreviated use of the prefix super-, which comes from the Latin super-, meaning “above,” “over,” or “beyond.” Bid comes from an Old English word meaning “to offer,” So you are above the rest with your bid. The idea for the name came from co-founder Patryk Gajda.

We wanted our auction platform to provide the greatest experience through the best offers and spectacular results. And yes, from the very beginning we aimed at the auction system because it has a huge potential. What is important is the element of uniqueness and the psychology of the auction, so far nowhere else used in social media on a large scale.

These days, especially amongst the youth, people are looking for more thrills. Adrenaline, excitement, and the pride of victory are provided by auctions. With pressure knowing that there are other people bidding on the same lot as you are, and desiring the same object, a phenomenon called ‘auction fever’ is born.

You are the first crypto company to offer NFT-immortalized moments for users and celebrities. More specifically, users can create, buy and sell unique memories of their idols as NFTs. Do the celebrities get proceeds from such sales?

Of course they do. The main beneficiaries here are celebrities. We want to connect them with their fans, these are their memories, items, experiences that they share. So we give celebrities a new way to engage their fans as well as monetize their efforts.

Do you plan any celebrity partnerships in the future that nobody knows about yet?

Definitely yes. We have been working behind the curtain for many months now and have been in a process of negotiations with managers of many celebrities, from the music industry, cinema, influencers and what’s more from the esports industry.

What’s an example of a unique memory someone can monetize as an NFT?

A great example here would be the record of the last match in the career of the Bryan Brothers, the most successful doubles players in tennis history. The emotions, the plays, the fans, the great farewell. They provided emotions for millions of fans. The auction starts soon and we believe it will be an exceptional NFT.

Note: Mike and Bob Bryan, the most successful duo of all time.

The Bryans have won multiple Olympic medals, including the gold in 2012 and have won more professional games, matches, tournaments and Grand Slams than any other men’s pairing.

They held the World No. 1 doubles ranking jointly for 438 weeks (Mike has been ranked Men’s Doubles World No. 1 for a total of 506 weeks), which is longer than anyone else in doubles history, and have also enjoyed that World No. 1 ranking together for a record 139 consecutive weeks.

They have finished as the ATP year-end number 1 doubles team a record 10 times. Between 2005 and 2006, they set an Open Era record by competing in seven consecutive men’s doubles Grand Slam finals.

Does the celebrity auctioning the NFT have the status of original owner? Do they hold all the rights to the NFT in question? Can anyone dispute their rights?

Our system is designed to ensure that each subsequent buyer of an NFT, in the case of resale, sees the original author of the auction, attesting to its authenticity. The celebrity also receives a percentage of each subsequent transaction of his NFT in case of further resale.

Celebrities can also auction off “Future Moments” with their audience, giving the winner the ability to share a real-life experience with them, sold in the form of an NFT. Can you describe this possibility in more detail?

Of course. The celebrity can auction off a joint experience with him/her, e.g. a skydiving, a workout, an hour of playing computer games together or a dinner. The celebrity determines the conditions of the auction and the winner gets a chance to meet his/her idol and share the experience.

The record of the experience (video and photos) is then converted to NFT at the request of the winner, which can be resold in the future. One of our first auctions was an experience, a dinner with Bollywood actress Natalia Janoszek. The amount for the auction exceeded our wildest dreams, reaching nearly $1 million.

The dinner, which was auctioned off, will be held at the end of October and we will share with you information and photos from that meeting.

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Daniela was born in Bulgaria, grew up in Chicago, and then moved to Michigan to attend the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Although she moved back to Bulgaria to complete her education, she still roots 'Go blue'.