Elon Musk’s subscription revenue proposal for twitter at odds with Apple

on Nov 25, 2022
Updated: Nov 30, 2022
  • Musk’s plan to increase subscription revenue triggers conflict with apple and Google
  • Proposal to break Google and Apple's app policies
  • Hate speech on the rise on Twitter after Musk took over

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Since Elon Musk assumed control of Twitter last month, he has made significant, though unclear, announcements about its future.

Musk’s plan to increase subscription revenue triggers conflict with apple and Google

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Musk intends to significantly raise the firm’s subscription revenue while expanding “free speech” on the platform, which in certain circumstances appears to entail re-instating accounts like that of former US president Donald Trump.

However, Musk’s ideas for Twitter may put it at odds with Apple and Google, two of the greatest names in technology.

The likelihood that Musk’s improvements would break Google or Apple’s app policies in a manner that slows the business or even results in its software being removed from app stores is among the major threats to Musk’s plan for “Twitter 2.0.”

Already, there are developing tensions. Last week, Musk voiced his displeasure in a tweet about the app store charges that Apple and Google impose on businesses such as Twitter.

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Musk tweeted,

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App store fees are obviously too high due to the iOS/Android duopoly. It is a hidden 30% tax on the Internet.

He is concerned about the 15%-30% percentage the two firms take from in-app sales because this could reduce Musk’s expectations for $8 a month in revenue from Twitter Blue subscribers.

Hateful speech has been on the rise on Twitter since Musk took over

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Since Musk acquired Twitter, there are indications that the platform has already experienced an uptick in toxic speech, endangering the company’s applications. Shortly after Musk assumed the title of “chief Twit,” a rash of internet trolls and extremists deluged the website with hateful speech and racial slurs.

The trolls banded together on 4chan before storming Twitter with anti-Jewish and anti-Black slurs. As a result, the nonprofit Network Contagion Research Institute reported that Twitter banned many of these accounts.

Several advertisers have shied away from the platform due to Musk’s proposal to give sponsored blue verification badges. This has created turmoil and profiles that pose as well-known figures and organizations.

For years Apple and Twitter have been partners, and in 2011 Apple included tweets into iOS, under which CEO Tim Cook regularly tweets official company communication. However, this partnership appears to be on the rocks as Musk seeks to boost revenue from subscribers.


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