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Shiba Memu outlook after the OpenAI shakeup

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on Nov 20, 2023
  • OpenAI has ousted Sam Altman as its Chief Executive Officer.
  • Alex Kantrowitz shares his view on the AI market at large.
  • What does the OpenAI news mean for Shiba Memu (SHMU).

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It’s been an interesting few days for artificial intelligence after OpenAI ousted Sam Altman as its top boss and hired Emmett Shear – former Twitch CEO to run the company.

Kantrowitz shares his view on the AI space

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Interestingly, though, Alex Kantrowitz of Big Technology recently told CNBC that “OpenAI was already a company that was going to be on the decline”.

Why, primarily because it was built on “commoditized software” that’s now available for everyone to use and get into the AI space.

While that means a challenge and weakness for OpenAI – it signals strength for artificial intelligence as a market at large since what it translates to is a rise in competition, as per the tech guru.

So, Alex Kantrowitz expects continued strength and focus on Gen AI moving forward. And it’s unlikely that the rapid growth in this sub-sector of technology remains a show that casts the big names like Microsoft, Google, or Amazon only.

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Newcomers like Shiba Memu have an opportunity to benefit from the artificial intelligence driven revolution as well.

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Shiba Memu has unique AI-driven marketing capabilities

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According to Statista, artificial intelligence is currently a market worth roughly $200 billion. But it can potentially grow tenfold to hit about $2.0 trillion by the end of this decade.

As evident, the expected growth in AI is large enough to accommodate hundreds even thousands of names including Shiba Memu that taps on artificial intelligence to deliver a self-sufficient, marketing powerhouse that it claims is equivalent to 100 marketing agencies, as per the White Paper available on its website.

On top of that, the platform is powered by a native meme coin called the “SHMU” which makes this AI project an investment opportunity as well.

SHMU is currently priced at $0.0421 but it’s price pops after ever 24 hours. At writing, the said price increase is scheduled for about four hours from now.

SHMU price appreciates every day

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Understandably, the term “meme coin” doesn’t invite a lot of confidence to invest. But it’s worth mentioning here that the meme coin market touched a valuation of $20 billion in 2022 – all of which was gained over a period of two to three years only.

That’s the kind of growth Shiba Memu exposes you to at a price of $0.0421 per coin.

SHMU has raised over $4.5 million via its ongoing pre-sale which signals solid demand. After the pre-sale, it will list on a crypto exchange which typically expands access and, therefore, boosts inflows that eventually lead to significant price increase.

Another potential catalyst that could help Shiba Memu appreciate in price is its AI dashboard that it’s scheduled to launch soon. To find out more about SHMU, click here to visit its website.

Why else is Shiba Memu (SHMU) worth investing?

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All in all, investing in Shiba Memu is an opportunity to dip your toes in artificial intelligence and the meme coin market – both of which have been growing rather quickly.

Being a crypto, you can expect SHMU to benefit from the related tailwinds as well; be it the pending approval of the Securities & Exchange Commission for a Spot Bitcoin ETF or the eventual shift of the Federal Reserve to cutting rates and being more lenient in terms of monetary policy.  

Several experts, including the Founder of Ark Invest – Cathie Wood expects the aforementioned tailwinds to eventually see Bitcoin at over $1.0 million which will likely be a continued benefit for the crypto space (including Shiba Memu) at large.

If you’re interested in capitalising on the aforementioned tailwinds with a position in SHMU, a smart move may be to invest now when it’s in pre-sale and is priced rather attractively.

You can find out the details of how you can buy Shiba Memu in a few simple steps on its website here.


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