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Shockwaves game coming to Metacade after the Shockwaves AI partnership

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on Nov 20, 2023
  • Metacade's presale triumphantly concluded on March 31st, introducing $MCADE, to the Web3 community.
  • Metacade's collaborations underline its commitment to building a dynamic and self-sustainable platform.
  • The latest Metacade partnership is with Shockwaves AI.

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In a groundbreaking move, Metacade, the ultimate Web3 community hub, is set to integrate the innovative Shockwaves game following its recent partnership with Shockwaves AI.

The announcement, made on November 17th, marks another strategic collaboration for Metacade, which has been actively expanding its ecosystem and offerings.

Metacade and the MCADE token post-presale

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Metacade concluded its presale on March 31st, 2023, with resounding success. The presale provided enthusiasts with an opportunity to acquire the platform’s native utility and governance token, $MCADE. With a total supply of 2 billion tokens, the presale made 1.4 billion tokens (70%) available in nine stages.

As Metacade moves forward, the platform has been focused on building a dynamic community that thrives on the principles of Web3. Several partnerships have been sealed, with the latest being the collaboration with Shockwaves AI. This strategic alliance aligns with Metacade’s mission to create a self-sustainable platform, utilizing tokenomics and innovative mechanisms to reward its community.

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The Shockwaves game: AI-powered, music-infused, and NFT-driven

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The latest partnership introduces the prospect of the Shockwaves game joining the roster of offerings on the Metacade lite site. This move comes as Metacade’s mainnet launch draws near.

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Shockwaves is an online blockchain game that promises a gaming experience like no other, blending AI-driven non-fungible tokens (NFTs), algorithmically generated cities, and music-infused gameplay. It presents a unique dynamic where players can either fight or train AI agents within the metaverse.

Each AI player possesses its virtual wallet, enabling it to earn rewards as it grows in strength and experience. The game introduces a language model-based chat system, facilitating communication between players and their AI agents for effective training and skill development.

The economic model of Shockwaves is driven by $Neuro—the primary token for both AI players and the game. Players can earn rewards by battling human opponents, selling lands, and trading weapons. The decentralized nature of the game’s tokenomics opens exciting opportunities for wealth-building within the Shockwaves ecosystem.

Metacade staking opportunities

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While the first staking pool was exclusive to presale participants and is now closed for a 6-month staking period, Metacade has plans for a second staking opportunity for its users. This aligns with the platform’s commitment to providing various avenues for community participation and engagement.

Looking ahead, Metacade envisions the creation of a 3D arcade within the Metaverse, where community-generated games will come to life. This ambitious project reflects the platform’s dedication to fostering a thriving ecosystem that goes beyond traditional gaming experiences.

To ensure the security of $MCADE tokens, Metacade subjected itself to a CertiK audit, a reputable blockchain security and transparency firm. The comprehensive audit covered specifications, smart contracts, and the team itself, providing users with confidence in the platform’s integrity.

Metacade also places a strong emphasis on risk management for token holders, incorporating measures such as a fully audited multisig wallet and treasury asset management by multiple keyholders.

Incentives for the Metacade community abound, with contributors being rewarded in $MCADE tokens for their active participation. From finding the best alpha and writing game reviews to providing valuable content to the community, Metacade aims to create a rewarding environment for its members.


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The forthcoming integration of the Shockwaves game into the Metacade ecosystem signifies a major milestone for both platforms. The partnership opens new horizons for the gaming community, introducing innovative gameplay elements and opportunities for community engagement within the Web3 space.

As the mainnet launch approaches, the Metacade community can look forward to more games coming to the platform. In addition to Shockwaves, many other games including Sniper Odyssey, Solcraft, The Great Escape, and Legends of Tank are coming to the Metacade game list, further solidifying the platform’s position as a dynamic hub for blockchain gaming enthusiasts.


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