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Ethereum surpasses Bitcoin in holders; Render & InQubeta show growing trends

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on Dec 7, 2023
  • Ethereum getting to over $2k key resistance levels.
  • InQubeta making massive gains in its ongoing presale.
  • Render emerging as a top contender for 2023's top cryptocurrency.

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Ethereum (ETH) appears poised for considerable growth as news spreads that it currently has more holders than Bitcoin (BTC). IntoTheBlock’s ‘Hodler Ratio’ reveals that over 72% of Ethereum holders have held their tokens for more than 12 months. Investors who hold their tokens long-term encourage price growth since they’re less likely to sell due to market fluctuations. 

InQubeta (QUBE) is another altcoin that some are calling the best cryptocurrency to buy today. The ambitious crowdfunding project plans to give investors an alternate way to invest in artificial intelligence, one that doesn’t come with the annoying requirements many mainstream investment avenues have. Its presale has sold over $6.3 million in tokens so far. 

Investors looking for the best cryptocurrency to buy today should also consider Render (RNDR). The GPU distribution network has enjoyed 602% growth this year, outperforming most altcoins in the crypto space. 

InQubeta (QUBE) positioning investors for tremendous returns

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InQubeta being the first new DeFi project to focus solely on artificial intelligence startups positions the project for considerable growth in the coming years. The AI sector is one of the fastest-evolving sectors and that has led to a considerable influx of investment funds from 2015. Investments have grown 12x and over $120 billion is currently invested in companies that advance AI. 

InQubeta provides a decentralized investing platform that makes it easier for investors to secure equity in AI firms. Its ecosystem allows investors to avoid jumping through hoops needed to qualify to use the services provided by mainstream investment firms. 

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A different approach to AI investments

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Stocks don’t exist on the InQubeta blockchain, but ERC20 coins perform similar functions. These non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are developed by AI startups and represent investment opportunities. Tokens are fractionalized before being posted on the NFT marketplace, allowing investors to invest as little as they choose. 

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QUBE is used for all transactions on the blockchain and ERC20 coins bought on the marketplace can be resold at any time. 

Staking tokens entitles hodlers to more QUBE as a reward for helping to manage the network and anyone with QUBE gets to be part of InQubeta’s democratic model with the size of their holdings dictating how much weight their votes carry. 

Ethereum (ETH) poised for substantial growth as hodlers grow

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ETH’s growth hasn’t kept up with BTC this year, but prices are up 80% for the year and an exponential surge is likely to occur soon as long-term investors grow. Many ETH whales also appear to be holding their tokens long-term as data shows wallets that hold more than 1% of the circulating ETH supply make up 34% of ETH long-term investors. 

A substantial percentage of Ethereum investors refusing to sell should lead to more growth, and many in the crypto space feel ETH prices will someday surpass BTC prices due to the increased functionality of the Ethereum blockchain, like the deployment of other blockchains such as InQubeta. 

Render (RNDR) emerges as one of 2023’s biggest winners

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The 602% growth RNDR has enjoyed this year has attracted new investors to the GPU distribution ecosystem, setting it up for more growth in 2024.

Like InQubeta, its ecosystem is hosted on the Ethereum network and its services have been a hit with studios and artists who need more computer power. It connects them with miners looking to monetize their excess computer power, providing a mutually beneficial ecosystem for both parties. More growth is expected in 2024 as its services gain popularity. 


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ETH, QUBE, and RNDR are three of the best cryptocurrencies to buy today. All three have enjoyed considerable growth this year and more is on the horizon.

InQubeta leads the trio regarding growth potential as it links investors who are expected to pour over $1.5 trillion into AI with startups looking for capital.

For all information QUBE you can visit InQubeta presale  or join the InQubeta communities.

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