Exploring new investment avenues beyond Monero (XMR) and Cardano (ADA) for 2024

on Dec 24, 2023
Updated: Dec 26, 2023
  • XMR has struggled to break a consolidated trading range between $165 and $175.
  • Hoskinson reaffirmed his opposition to a partnership with XRP, citing long-term harassment by the community.
  • Borroe Finance combines AI and blockchain technology & focuses on peer-to-peer trading of discounted NFTs.

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As Monero ($XMR) partners with Guardarian for new payment methods, Cardano’s ($ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson firmly stood for his proclamation against XRP. However, one new name has constantly been on the radar–Borroe Finance ($ROE), with its amazing presale momentum. Let’s explore which coin is poised to become the best crypto investment of 2024.

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Monero to support users in Mexico and Colombia

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On December 12, 2023, Monero took to social media X to announce news for the XMR community in Mexico and Colombia. With this announcement, the crypto project revealed their partner Guardarian to support their new payment methods, SPEI for Mexico and PSE for Colombia.

Looking at Monero’s price analysis, XMR has been seen trading in a consolidated range between $165 and $175. Since the announcement, XMR has made multiple attempts to break its higher level. Still, the bears overpowered the bulls, dropping the token’s price from $173 to $170 on December 18.

Monero’s technical indicator MACD level displays a constant red histogram, prompting the possibility of XMR to drop further. Some analysts anticipate that if bulls gain power and manage to hold $170, then XMR is likely to rise to $180 by the end of 2023. 

Conversely, if bears take over, XMR might fall to $160. Therefore, investors are watching new DeFi projects like Borroe Finance, which is shining in the presale stage.

Borroe Finance’s presale stages are creating a stir

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As a newcomer in the crypto scene, Borroe Finance has created shocking waves, racking up more than 182 million $ROE tokens in presale stages. Beyond a mere cryptocurrency, Borroe Finance signifies a revolutionary shift in the crypto market.

As a pioneering AI-powered funding marketplace, Borroe Finance has recognized itself on the DeFi and NFTs landscape. For those on the hunt for the best crypto to invest in, $ROE offers a unique blend of AI and blockchain that will redefine digital finance.

Moreover, Borroe Finance’s platform fosters a peer-to-peer ecosystem that allows buyers to trade discounted invoice NFTs on secondary markets easily. On top of that, Borroe Finance’s platform facilitates automatic repayments for buyers’ convenience.

At this moment, $ROE is in Stage 3 of its presale. $ROE token is priced at $0.0175. Coming to Stage 3, investors have already accumulated an impressive 16.67% gain from Stage 2 price. 

By the end of the presale, early investors will gain a 300% surge from their initial price after $ROE reaches $0.04. Therefore, investors are captivated by $ROE as the best cryptocurrency to explore new investment opportunities in 2023’s end.

Cardano founder stands against partnership with XRP

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On December 17, 2023, a heated exchange unfolded on social media X between Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson and the XRP community. Cardano’s founder stood by his previous bold proclamations against XRP, responding affirmatively. 

In addition, the ADA founder maintained his position, citing two years of harassment by a member of the XRP community in the comment section as the basis for his stance.

Cardano’s price analysis shows that bears are taking over the market as ADA falls below the $0.60 mark. Despite marking a 19-month high of $0.67 on December 1, ADA has hit a roadblock. 

Experts anticipate Hoskinson’s tweet might not have much impact on Cardano price. Yet, since the ADA founder’s statement, Cardano has fallen apart, dipping from $0.62 to $0.56 on December 18. Also, the statistics on the Cardano market show high selling pressure on ADA, marking a 9.67% decrease.

The technical indicators on the ADA chart show the RSI sits at 45 with a bearish outlook. Moreover, the MACD of Cardano is also located in the bearish zone. Experts predict that bears will push ADA prices to even lower towards $0.55 by the end of 2023. However, optimistic developments such as institutional interest could keep the altcoin elevated.

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