Osmosis (OSMO) price prediction after rocketing 185% as a new hybrid exchange launches

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on Dec 26, 2023
  • OSMO gains 185.72% in 30 days, reflecting a robust bullish trend and investor confidence.
  • Osmosis’ bullish sentiment, technical indicators, and a $2.0 forecast for year-end.
  • Bridging DEXs and CEXs, Pullix's presale progresses with unique PLX token features.

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Osmosis (OSMO) has emerged as a standout performer in December, witnessing a remarkable 185.72% surge in the last 30 days. As the market eagerly watches OSMO’s trajectory, another player, another new crypto project by the name of Pullix is making waves with its unique approach to trading and its ongoing native token presale.

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Let’s delve into the recent developments surrounding Osmosis, explore its price prediction, and unveil the details of Pullix’s ongoing presale.

Osmosis: remarkable price surge in December

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Osmosis, the appchain DEX built on the Cosmos SDK, has been on a remarkable upward trajectory in the last 30 days. Boasting a 185.72% gain in this period, OSMO has demonstrated a bullish trend, marking a 505.38% surge in the medium term and a substantial 155.83% increase over the past year.

Osmosis price chart

Despite a high level of volatility, Osmosis has recorded 24 green days in the last 30, showcasing its resilience and market favour.

OSMO price prediction: the bullish outlook

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Technical indicators are painting a bullish picture for Osmosis (OSMO). With a 90% bullish sentiment and a Fear & Greed Index reading of 73 (Greed), the market is optimistic. The coin, currently priced at $1.65, is predicted to surpass $2.0 by year-end.

The key support levels to watch are $1.52, $1.49, and $1.46, along with resistance levels at $1.58, $1.61, and $1.64, which provide crucial benchmarks for traders and investors alike.

The recent performance, coupled with positive sentiment, positions OSMO for potential growth. However, caution is advised, given the cryptocurrency market’s inherent volatility.

Pullix: bridging the gap in DeFi trading

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As Osmosis continues its upward momentum, the crypto community is also buzzing about Pullix, a new hybrid trading exchange challenging the status quo. Pullix aims to bridge the gap between decentralized and centralized exchanges, offering users a comprehensive and secure trading experience.

Pullix addresses the liquidity problem in decentralized finance (DeFi) by adopting a unique hybrid approach. It distinguishes itself with features such as deep liquidity, leverage up to 1000:1, zero commissions with tight spreads, and a community-driven governance model. The platform’s unique hybrid approach aims to address common issues in the sector, including high trading costs, lack of asset variety, and regulatory uncertainties.

Combining the strengths of both decentralized and centralized exchanges, Pullix incentivizes users to provide liquidity, ensuring better liquidity and competitive prices.

The native PLX token, which is currently in the presale stage, is at the heart of Pullix’s ecosystem. Beyond facilitating trades, PLX holders enjoy a revolutionary “Trade-to-Earn” mechanism, allowing them to profit from the daily revenue of the exchange. This innovative revenue-sharing model sets Pullix apart in the crypto space.

The PLX presale, currently in stage 4, has raised $1,603,843, with 54.2% remaining.


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In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, the tandem rise of Osmosis and Pullix is captivating. OSMO’s bullish momentum and Pullix’s groundbreaking approach underscore the potential for transformative shifts in the crypto trading sphere.

As the Pullix presale progresses and OSMO’s price prediction generates excitement, investors find themselves at the intersection of innovation and opportunity.

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