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Bitbot vs. Banana Gun. A new Telegram self-custodial bot generates a presale frenzy?

on Feb 8, 2024
  • Bitbot and Banana Gun are high-potential Telegram bots.
  • Bitbot offers enhanced security features and earnings opportunities.
  • Investors purchase Bitbot at a starting price of $0.01 in presale.

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Telegram trading bots – the new trading solution phenomenon is rapidly gathering pace. And guess what? As of 2023, trading volumes on Telegram trading bots exceeded $5 billion. More is expected as a new sensation, Bitbot, enters this sector. The presale has been occurring fast, with over $459,290 raised within days. But what unique value does the token offer compared to its predecessor, Banana Gun? Let’s find out.

About Bitbot and Banana Gun

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Bitbot and Banana Gun are two notable Telegram trading bots. While Bitbot is launching and on presale, Banana Gun has been in the market since July 2023.

Telegram trading bots have been captivating because they allow users to invest in crypto conveniently. This has made them popular, making notable coins such as Banana Gun hit record levels in 2023. 

However, a noticeable shortcoming of Telegram trading bots is their vulnerability to attacks. This concern is made possible by the fact that the bots have to hold users’ trading assets. The feature increases the chances of loss when the bots are hacked, resulting in losses.

Several Telegram bots have been exploited in light of the shortcoming. Banana Gun is one of them to experience an attack in September 2023. Needless to say, investors remain sceptical of Telegram bots due to the problem.

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For Bitbot, it is about transferring control to the user. As such, Bitbot is a self-custodial trading bot, allowing users complete control of their assets. The trading platform also features advanced security features, including anti-rug and anti-MEV solutions. The tools artificially block scamming intrusions, keeping investors and funds safe.

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Bitbot offers enhanced earnings opportunities

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Apart from giving more elaborate security features, Bitbot offers a range of earning opportunities. Among these are guaranteed earnings shares from the platform’s revenues. Investors are also incentivised with regular airdrops and perks to earn more.

Bitbot also caters for novice and experienced investors. For new traders, a copy trade feature allows them to mimic the trades of their experienced peers. Those who are experienced or still learning can benefit from Bitbot’s institutional-grade technology. The aim is to empower retail investors with resources otherwise accessible to institutional traders.

Do you want to be informed about quality presales happening elsewhere? Fortunately, this is one of the captivating features of Bitbot. The platform will have a snipping feature that scans blockchains for presale opportunities. This can be useful to all investors, including those who have limited time or knowledge of the market. 

Is Bitbot a better investment than Banana Gun

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I will start by acknowledging that Banana Gun is a quality crypto for investing in. Fast adoption and price trends since the trading bot launched confirm the growing demand by investors. While the token saw bear pressure after last year’s exploit, optimism is back. The token trades at $17, more than double its price in barely three weeks.

However, it is inevitable that investors might start exploring other tokens after the hard lessons of 2023. This is where Bitbot wins, with its significant potential and enhanced security measures. 

Again, Bitbot is only launching, and it is fair to say hasn’t initiated any price moves. If Telegram bots are to witness another market frenzy, then Bitbot could outwit its rivals. A starting price of just $0.01 makes the token attractive.

Should you invest in Bitbot presale?

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Bitbot is evidently attractive to investors looking for Telegram bots cut above the rest. That makes the presale attractive before the token encounters increased speculation after listing. 

Early presale buyers are also at an advantage as Bitbot token price increases at each stage. By the time the token is listed, its value will have risen significantly, delivering early gains. Investors can purchase the token via the project’s website.


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