XDFi launches on Flare Network, revolutionizing DeFi futures trading

on Feb 21, 2024
  • XDFi, the world's first compliant decentralized futures protocol, launches on Flare Network.
  • Sindric Solutions pioneers KYCT approach, ensuring compliance without centralized intermediaries.
  • XDFi integration with Flare Network enables accurate price data and future expansion plans.

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Flare Network has announced a partnership with Sindric Solutions to introduce XDFi, the world’s first compliant decentralized futures protocol.

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Designed by Wall Street veterans, XDFi aims to set new standards for compliance and efficiency in futures trading, addressing regulatory concerns and offering a trustless, non-custodial environment. With a focus on transparency and innovation, XDFi promises to reshape the landscape of DeFi derivatives trading.

XDFi: compliance in decentralized futures trading

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XDFi, spearheaded by Sindric Solutions, is poised to transform the DeFi futures market by prioritizing compliance without compromising decentralization.

Through its pioneering third-party Know Your Customer tokenization (KYCT) approach, XDFi ensures that all futures contract positions are executed in full compliance with regulatory standards. This innovative solution eliminates the need for centralized intermediaries, brokers, or custodians, providing users with confidence and security in their trading activities.

Flare Network integration and future expansion

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Integral to the success of XDFi is its integration with the Flare Network, leveraging Flare’s robust blockchain infrastructure and Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO) for accurate price data and settlement.

Initially supporting Bitcoin and Ethereum futures contracts, XDFi plans to expand its offerings to include other digital assets and traditional commodities supported by the FTSO. By harnessing the power of Flare’s technology, XDFi aims to establish itself as a leader in decentralized futures trading, unlocking new opportunities for investors and institutions alike.


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