Memeinator in focus as AI dubbed ‘deflationary’

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on Feb 23, 2024
  • DBS economist says AI may prove out to be deflationary.
  • Memeinator pre-sale is now close to hitting $5.0 million.
  • Pros are bullish on crypto market which includes MMTR.

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Artificial intelligence will likely prove out to be “deflationary”, says Taimur Baig – the chief economist at DBS Group.

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Baig shares his view on Gen AI

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Baig is convinced that embracing AI can deliver a boost to production and drive down prices. On CNBC’s “Squawk Box Asia”, he said on Friday:

We’ve seen this with internet services in the past. We saw this with cars in the previous industrial revolution. No reason to think that deflationary impact would not repeat itself in this [AI].

Note that famed investor Jim Cramer also recommended investors against being an artificial intelligence luddite.

All in all, what such comments from experts suggest is that AI is not a “mania” per se even though it’s a term quite commonly used these days in the media. In fact, artificial intelligence is a very real tech revolution that is here to stay.

And considering an already huge and still growing addressable market, it’s more than likely that the recently launched projects like Memeinator will benefit from a rapid growth in AI.

Memeinator has a native token of its own

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Memeinator is pretty much a Terminator that targets the weaker meme coins.

It uses artificial intelligence to look for them on the internet. Once found, Memeinator essentially “terminates” them to clear the meme coins space of the weaker names and mark its dominance on that market.

More importantly, the platform is not only on a mission to clean the meme coins space. It actually has one of its own called the “MMTR” that essentially replaces the coins that it removes.

So, taking an early position in MMTR that is currently in pre-sale is a unique way to gain exposure not just to the crypto market but to the AI market as well. Interested in finding out more about Memeinator and its native MMTR token? Click here to visit the project website.

Memeinator (MMTR) coin is going for $0.023 only

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MMTR particularly sounds interesting for investment considering Statista forecasts the artificial intelligence market to grow some tenfold by the end of 2030.

Its ongoing pre-sale has raised close to $5.0 million in a few months. So, what Memeinator is offering to the investment community seems to be attracting a strong enough demand as well.  And at a price of $0.023 per coin – it’s not like you’ll have to arrange a serious amount of capital to gain at least some exposure to the MMTR.

It is also worth mentioning that Memeinator is yet to list on a crypto exchange. Once it does, the related increase and convenience of access may result in a significant price appreciation as well that you’d be able to benefit from if you take an early position in the MMTR coin.

You can visit the Memeinator website on this link to explore ways to invest in its ongoing pre-sale.

Pros are bullish on crypto market which includes MMTR

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Lastly, the native Memeinator token is basically a cryptocurrency – and that makes it a participant of a market that is broadly expected to do well in 2024.

There’s a number of experts who have recently made rather pompous forecasts about Bitcoin. These include the likes of Cathie Wood – the founder and chief executive of Ark Invest and Anthony Pompliano of Pomp Investments.

Why exactly are professional super bullish on the crypto space this year? For three primary reasons: one, the SEC has recently approved the Spot Bitcoin ETFs which may continue to drive institutional capital into cryptocurrencies; two, the U.S. Federal Reserve is expected to start cutting rates in the coming months, and three, Bitcoin halving is now right around the corner.

So, these bigger tailwinds could serve as catalysts for Memeinator and its native MMTR coin as well in 2024. You can find out more about the blockchain based AI platform on this link.  


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