Taki Games teams up with Two3 Labs to launch a new mobile game that uses NFTs

on Feb 29, 2024
  • Taki Games partnered with Two3 Labs to create a new NFT-powered mobile game.
  • The game, Puzzle Smoofs, is expected to go live in March 2024.
  • Like other P2E games, Puzzle Smoofs will allow players to earn rewards and own in-game assets.

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Taki Games, a social gaming network that allows users to earn financial rewards, recently announced a partnership with Two3 Labs — a cross-chain Web3 entertainment studio. The pair intends to create and launch a new mobile game that will use a popular NFT collection called Smoofs.

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According to platforms, the game, known as Puzzle Smoofs, is currently in development. However, they also said that the development teams are making progress rapidly, which is why the game is expected to go live at some point in March 2024.

Once live, the game will run on the Taki Games network, joining some other titles that already exist in Taki Network’s library. Some of the other Web3-branded titles already available include Game7 Food Fighter, as well as Pac-Cats.

Taki Games comes up with a new tokenomics model

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Taki Games intends to bring its mobile games to the global market and provide access to them to millions of mobile gamers. More than that, these games are meant to provide the players with an easy way to get into Web3.

The company’s goal is to revolutionize the way mobile games are played by adding incentives. These can be tokenized rewards, or ownership of in-game assets that players can hold, use in-game, or sell to others for profit. Play-To-Earn (P2E) projects like these have been a strong focus of the crypto gaming sector for several years now, and they add greater value to gamers.

Taki Games, specifically, runs a player-owned network that provides reward-earning opportunities, which are, in turn, designed to allow developers to share the revenue their games bring in with the players. While the concept was popularized thanks to successful titles like Axie Infinity, those early P2E games faced a real risk of token hyperinflation.

The reason for this is their tokenomics, which needed to be revised and better thought out. This is why Taki Games decided to create its own model by channeling value from the traditional gaming industry and trying to come up with a rewards system that could continue to operate long-term without damaging the project’s token.

To do it, it introduced a new buy-and-burn mechanism that will incentivize gamers to generate revenue while engaging with games.

Smoofs collection to popularize the game while receiving utility in return

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As mentioned, the game will include the Smoofs NFT collection, which was launched only a few months ago, in December 2023. However, the collection saw rapid growth, becoming one of the biggest and most popular ones on Polygon. In the two months following its launch, it generated a trading volume of over $300k. Alongside this, it also generated strong demand for Two3 Labs’ native cryptocurrency, the MOOVE token.

The collection is known for unique artwork and a vibrant, highly engaging community. Furthermore, while the collection is likely to help popularize the upcoming game, the game itself will give greater utility and appeal to the collection.

It is also worth noting that this is not the first collection created by Two3 Labs. In fact, the studio rose to fame due to its Cow Cow NFT collection on MultiversX, launched in February 2023. In the following year, the collection generated a sales volume of over $2 million.

Commenting on the new partnership, Two3 Labs’ co-founder, Sorin Diaconu, said:

Smoofs is more than just a collection of NFTs – it’s a community-centric brand built to revolutionize the concept of entertainment in Web3.” Diaconu added “This collaboration with Taki Games and Two3 Labs is an important milestone for us, blending the lines between NFTs and gaming and offering mainstream gamers an innovative way to engage with our brand and community. We are excited to see how this game will bring the Smoofsverse and Web3 culture to a mainstream gaming audience with Taki Games.

Meanwhile, Taki Games’ CEO, Weiwei Geng, stated:

By integrating Smoofs IP into this game, we are not only providing players with true ownership of in-game assets but also creating a new avenue for brands to engage with their audience in a meaningful and interactive way. This convergence of gaming and NFTs is poised to reshape the future of entertainment and digital ownership.


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