Pullix to launch in Uniswap as the crypto bull run gains steam

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on Mar 4, 2024
  • Pullix token will launch on Uniswap on Monday.
  • The launch price will give it a market cap of over $33 million.
  • Pullix’s token launch is happening at a time when cryptocurrencies are in a major bull run.

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The cryptocurrency bull run gains steam on Monday as Bitcoin and Ethereum surged to $65,000 and $3,500, respectively. As a result, the total valuation of all cryptocurrencies surged to more than $2.42 trillion and is moving closer to its record high of $3 trillion. It is against this backdrop that Pullix (PLX) is set to launch in Uniswap on Monday.

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Pullix to launch in Uniswap

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The biggest crypto news on Monday will be the launch of Pullix token in Uniswap, the biggest decentralised exchange (DEX) in the world. This is an important move that caps a highly successful token sale that sold over 10 million PLX tokens.

According to the developers, the Pullix token will launch at $0.168 giving it a market cap of over $33.6 million. This is a major move that will make all people who bought it in its presale profitable.

Pullix, as I have written before, is a company that seeks to change the crypto exchange industry. Its main advantage is that it is merging the strengths of decentralised and centralised exchanges. 

Its customers will have a choice of the best exchange to use between its CEX and DEX. By combining these two approaches, Pullix will make trading easier by boosting liquidity, which lowers total transaction fees.

Crypto bull run continues

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The launch of Pullix is happening at a time when the crypto bull run is gaining steam. Bitcoin has already moved above $65,000, opening the possibility that it will surge to its all-time high of $69,000 soon. 

Similarly, Ethereum has jumped to over $3,500 and there is a likelihood that the token will surge to over $4,000 in the coming months.

The main driver for this rally is that Bitcoin is seeing unprecedented demand because of the recently launched spot ETFs. For example, the iShares Bitcoin ETF has added over $10 billion in assets. No other ETF has reached $10 billion that fast.

The other catalyst for the ongoing surge is that investors anticipate that the upcoming halving will be positive for cryptocurrencies. This halving will take place in April this year and cause a sharp decline in the number of produced Bitcoins per day.

As a result, a combination of rising Bitcoin demand and low supplies mean that the price may continue soaring in the coming months.

Meanwhile, Ethereum price is surging as hopes that the SEC will approve a spot Ethereum ETF rise. Eight companies, including Franklin Templeton and Blackrock have all applied for a spot ETF and the approval could happen in May. 

Implications for Pullix

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Therefore, all these factors could have an implications for Pullix and other cryptocurrencies. In most cases, altcoins tend to do well when Bitcoin and Ethereum are rising. This explains why most digital coins have surged hard in the past few months and why PLX may rise after going public.

The other implication is that this price action will have a positive impact on CEX and DEX exchanges since it will lead to more activity. If this happens, the exchange will likely see more activity and income after launch. This will benefit PLX holders since they will receive staking rewards.


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