Bitcoin analyst expects more surges for memecoins: attention switches to KangaMoon

on Mar 7, 2024
  • Crypto expert Bluntz forecasts continued surges for meme tokens.
  • The BTC adepts used Elliot Wave theory to estimate DOGE & WIF price actions.
  • Investors continually invest in the KangaMoon presale amidst the optimism.

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Bitcoin (BTC) expert Bluntz, known for forecasting the bear market bottom of 2018, has revealed his bullish anticipations for the meme token sector.

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Despite the latest correction, the analyst remains optimistic about Dogecoin (DOGE) and Dogwifhat (WIF).

In that context, investors have switched to the new meme token KangaMoon ($KANG), which promises real-world utility by unifying play-2-earn and social-Fi systems. Let’s find out more.

Dogwifhat to $3.50

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WIF has dominated recent trends in the bullish markets. That saw the altcoin attracting listing by leading platforms, including Robinhood.

Bluntz shared optimistic expectations on the alt with his over 240K followers on X. The pseudonymous analyst predicted monstrous surges for the meme coin.

Known for using the Elliot Wave analysis, Bluntz highlighted that WIF displayed strength despite the broad market correction, and the momentum could continue.

According to Elliot Wave, a bullish token tends to enter a 5-wave surge after an ABC corrective price action. Bluntz mentioned that WIF might surge to $3.50 before completing the anticipated 5-wave bullish move.

He added that traders should perceive the downturns as dip-buying opportunities.

Investors turn to KangaMoon amid bullish forecasts

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While cryptocurrency enthusiasts anticipate a full-swing 2024 bull run, more investors continue to join the new meme KangaMoon.

Known for its unique approach of integrating P2E and socialFi fundamentals, profit-searching individuals have already invested over $637 million in the $KANG presale.

Why is KangaMoon attracting investors?

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Although altcoins are experiencing bull dominance, most players are adding $KANG to their investment portfolios.

The new community-driven meme token, tipped to be among the hottest cryptos this year, has fascinated savvy investors due to its real-world utility and rewards.

The KangaMoon network will incorporate multiple earning opportunities for meme enthusiasts. For instance, the play to earn game aims to foster a vibrant community where gamers battle characters to win prizes and virtual currencies.

Furthermore, community members can bet on these events and enjoy lucrative rewards.

KangaMoon plans rare in-game items for active users. That enables them to generate passive income while meeting like-minded people.

Moreover, users can participate in organized challenges (weekly, monthly, or quarterly) to earn additional token rewards.

Should you invest in $KANG presale?

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KangaMoon could be the crypto for investors looking for real-world applications for virtual economies. Its all-immersive experience for digital gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts will likely build a massive user base.

$KANG holders will have several opportunities to maximize their crypto returns. It traded at $0.01125 during this writing.

Analysts predict a 220% growth for KangaMoon value before the presale end and 100x after the official launch. The project is in stage 3 of presale and offers a 10% bonus for all $KANG buyers.

DOGE targeting $0.18

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Bluntz remained confident in the original meme token’s potential. The analyst expects Dogecoin to rally toward $0.18 before concluding its 5-wave upswing.

He acknowledges DOGE as the Bitcoin of themed tokens. Thus, Dogecoin will rally, even if in the near term, alongside WIF. 

Dogecoin ranks 9th by market capitalization and it gained over 20% in the past week to trade at $0.1533 during this publication.

You can find more details about KangaMoon here.

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