Algotech in focus following Saudi Arabia AI fund news

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on Mar 27, 2024
  • Saudi Arabia is reportedly interested in setting up a $40 billion AI fund.
  • Algotech presale is on fire having raised over $3.0 million already.
  • Here's why $ALGT token could benefit from continued focus on AI.

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Saudi Arabia is reportedly in discussions with venture capital firms including Andreessen Horowitz to set up a $40 billion AI fund.

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S&P 500 is keeping strong on the back of AI

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Evidently, the Kingdom wants to stretch its arms in artificial intelligence – a market that’s been growing at an exceptional pace with no a slowdown not in sight at least in the near term.

In fact, much of the over 10% gain that the benchmark S&P 500 index has garnered since the start of 2024 has been related to AI.

And despite elevated valuations, many believe the artificial intelligence focused companies will continue to push up in the coming months as AI is not a bubble.

More importantly, it’s conceivable that the artificial intelligence tailwinds won’t only helps stocks but the AI enabled crypto platforms like Algotech as well. Let’s dive deeper into this recently launched project.

Here’s what you should know about Algotech

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Algotech is a platform launched in February of 2024 that uses state-of-the-art trading algorithms to make sure that its users can make the most out of the ongoing bull market.

Both crypto and equities market are broadly expected to remain strong this year. Still, it’s important to know what in particular within these markets should you invest in and when. That’s what the AI-enabled Algotech helps with.

But utility is not all that may attract you to this trading bot. In fact, you can invest in its native $ALGT token as well to make money. You can buy this ERC-20 token that gives you exposure to artificial intelligence for just 6 cents in the current presale.

Click here if you’d like to know about Algotech and the ongoing presale of its native $ALGT coin.

Are there other ways to make money with $ALGT?

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Algotech taps on artificial intelligence to use well established strategies aimed at maximising your profits out of a financial market.

Plus, there are other ways for you to make money on this recently launched platform as long as you own its $ALGT coin. For example, you’d be pleased to know that Algotech shares part of the trading fee it earns with the holders of its native token.

$ALGT may also be a good investment at writing because it’s part of the crypto market that Statista forecasts will grow at a compound annualised rate of 8.62% in the coming years.

If that sounds exciting to you and you’d like to go through the easy steps you need to follow to invest in Algotech ($ALGT) today, click here now.

Algotech ($ALGT) is totally on fire

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It is also worth mentioning here that Algotech presale has raised well over $3.0 million in less than a month which makes it one of the most successful presales of 2024.

That’s significant because what it indicates is strong demand which typically translates to price appreciation over time. Although it’s not yet clear on what exchange, but $ALGT will likely list on a crypto exchange after the presale that may unlock the next leg up in terms of its price.

And you can benefit from that upside provided that you invest in it today.

Lastly, remember that the broader tailwinds of the crypto market like rate cuts and bitcoin halving may benefit Algotech ($ALGT) as well. More details on the AI based crypto project are available on its website here.


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