Cardano, Ondo, Milei Moneda: The sizzling trio pumping crypto investors’ wallets

on Apr 3, 2024
  • Cardano (ADA) could double after the Bitcoin halving event; ADA price predictions report a bullish year ahead.
  • ONDO makes the first crypto-Bitcoin-ETF transaction in the crypto-verse.
  • Milei Moneda could be the best crypto for beginners thanks to its easy gains.

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Every bull run is accompanied by countless investment advice and token analyses, as the tension among top altcoins sets the whole crypto market on edge.

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Milei Moneda ($MEDA) is one of the best cryptos to buy for traders now; $MEDA is joining Cardano and Ondo in the race for profits. Analysts strongly recommend them as altcoins to watch for gains in the upcoming Bitcoin halving event, and we have some reasons for that. 

Cardano: Smart contracts aside, ADA could be up for a bullish 2024

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Cardano has gotten tough love from investors recently, as a business on the blockchain has been slow.

Instead, ADA developers have been busy on GitHub, putting in the hours to complete Cardano’s smart contracts. Now, with the Bitcoin halving coming up, attention in Cardano’s camp shifts to the altcoin price for ADA.

While most analysts have bullish forecasts for Cardano, the UK Finance experts have one of the most realistic predictions.

According to them, ADA price is poised for over 100% gains after the Bitcoin halving, a surge that could see Cardano trading at close to a new high (ATH) by the end of the year.

Of course, most of the bullish forecasts are because of Cardano’s recent network upgrades. Smart contracts are bound to bring more users to ADA mainnet, and Cardano could regain its spot among the top 10 altcoins this year.

Ondo Finance to provide 24/7 services with Blackrock ETF move

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ONDO Finance is a crypto platform that helps investors make Real World Assets (RWAs) accessible for trading on blockchains.

Previously, the OUSG assets were tied to a short-term Treasury ETF on the stock market, limiting the scope and time of service for users.

That is about to change, though, as ONDO has moved significant amounts of the assets to the new BlackRock ETF, BUIDL. The BUIDL ETF allows users to access ONDO’s services at any time, as the short-term ETF was restricted by traditional trading hours on the stock market.

The aftermath is that ONDO now seems to be surging past other top DeFi coins. The ONDO token is on an upward trend, spiking 20% since the move to BlackRock on Wednesday.

Whales are also actively accumulating the tokens as ONDO supplies on exchanges keep dropping.

Milei Moneda: The meme coin with DeFi ambitions

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Meme coins have been more interested in, well, jokes and memes over the years, paying little attention to the picture of the crypto-verse.

A lack of real-world usage has led many analysts to label them as unserious coins, although Milei Moneda is on a mission to change the narrative.

$MEDA is a deflationary meme coin that revolves around the popular Argentinian president Javier Milei, one of the rather outspoken supporters of the adoption of global cryptocurrency. He greatly influenced crypto trading in his country, and Milei Moneda intends to take that global.

And the path is set for that. Being a meme coin, Milei Moneda has no problems with cooking up interesting memes.

Also, its large social media influence on Twitter/X, Reddit, and Discord will see $MEDA memes get to the policymakers to effect the desired change. The memes will also serve to promote Milei Moneda’s services and products to every crypto trader.

You get exclusive rewards for holding your $MEDA tokens. They get even better if you are active in the community or you hold high volumes of the coin. From trending NFTs to exclusive events and rewards for the best governance proposals, you’re in for the best crypto investments on Milei Moneda.

And the benefits start from the presale. There’s a 100% ROI you could cash in by mid-year only if you invest now in Stage 1 of the presale. You can get your Milei Moneda tokens for $0.010 today and gain 100% ROI by May when the token launches at $0.020.

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