New AI crypto project InQubeta breaks $13 million in ongoing presale

on Apr 7, 2024
  • InQubeta has raised an impressive $13 million in its presale a,id investor interest in AI projects.
  • The platform utilizes NFTs to represent ownership in AI startups, enabling fractional investments.
  • InQubeta aims to become a leading crowdfunding platform for AI startups.

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InQubeta (QUBE) just achieved a big milestone by raising $13 million in its ongoing crypto presale. This is an important achievement for InQubeta’s team and it also highlights the growing interest in AI-focused investment opportunities within the crypto space. But, what is actually InQubeta?

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InQubeta: A platform for AI startup investments

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InQubeta allows users to invest in AI start-ups using cryptocurrency. It utilizes non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent ownership in a company, similar to how stocks operate. This approach enables smaller companies to raise funds directly from investors without the need for intermediaries.

The mission of InQubeta is to create an investment space where everyone can invest in artificial intelligence (AI). The platform aims to serve as an alternative to traditional investment firms, whose stringent requirements often exclude a significant portion of global investors from accessing their services.

Built on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, InQubeta leverages its functionality to create a decentralized investment space accessible to anyone interested in investing in artificial intelligence. AI startups can secure funding for their projects by creating NFTs that represent potenital investment opportunities for investors down the line.

Thanks to fractionalization, investors can purchase small portions of these tokens, enabling them to participate in equity or reward-based investment opportunities. This approach aligns with InQubeta’s goal of becoming the first crowdfunding platform for AI startups built on the blockchain.

Presale progress and token details

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The project is currently in its ninth presale stage (the final one). The QUBE token, which will be used to invest in AI startups, is currently priced at $0.028 per token, with the listing price set at $0.0308. 

Most of the 1.5 billion tokens will go towards public sales, marketing, and rewards, showing a commitment to the community and ecosystem. Additionally, 15% of the total supply allocated to the development team will be locked for 3 years to secure investment and dispel the fear of a rug pull.

As a deflationary token, QUBE will benefit from the scarcity effect caused by the token burn. There will be a burn tax that will remove 2% of all QUBE token sales, as well as 1% of all purchases from circulation.

QUBE holders stand to gain staking rewards and voting rights, among other perks. The QUBE token serves various utilities within the InQubeta ecosystem and the broader crypto space. It includes acting as a utility token for accessing platform services, a governance token for community decision-making, and a means of value transfer within the ecosystem.

Marketing efforts

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InQubeta’s marketing strategy has been robust to say the least, with a strong presence across various crypto media platforms.

The project is actively advertising on major crypto media sites such as CaptainAltcoin,, and Invezz, among others. This widespread advertising campaign aims to raise awareness about the project and its approach to AI startup investments.

Maintaining a consistent and effective marketing presence will be crucial for InQubeta, especially once the presale concludes and the project transitions to broader adoption and exchange listings.

Sustained efforts to promote the platform, educate potential investors, and engage with the community will play a role in capitalizing on the presale’s success and ensuring long-term growth.

Furthermore, InQubeta has established a social media presence, leveraging these channels to connect with its community and keep them informed about the project’s progress.

The project’s X account (formerly Twitter) boasts 45,000 followers and is highly active, with daily updates, news, and engaging content. Additionally, InQubeta has a sizable Telegram group with 25,000 members, providing a dedicated space for community discussions, announcements, and real-time interactions.

Conclusion: A promising AI crypto project?

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The $13 million raised during the ongoing presale is an important milestone for InQubeta. While the presale success is encouraging, the true test will come when the project launches on exchanges and must capitalize on this initial momentum.

Notably, InQubeta is advertising on all major crypto media sites, showcasing the team’s dedication to promoting the project. However, sustained marketing efforts will be crucial in maintaining visibility and attracting a broader user base.

As with any new project, only time will tell if InQubeta can deliver on its promises and establish itself as a leading platform for AI startup investments. Nevertheless, the project’s approach and the significant presale milestone achieved thus far indicate a promising future for this AI crypto endeavor.

For all things QUBE visit InQubeta website.

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