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Milei Moneda presale looks promising while TON and NEAR battle for stability

on Apr 9, 2024
Updated: Apr 10, 2024
  • Toncoin’s TON gets a chance for profits from Telegram's ad revenue sharing program.
  • Near Protocol approaches resistance levels; is a NEAR pullback on the cards?
  • Milei Moneda ($MEDA) rewards: Milei Moneda could be the best crypto for beginners and experts alike.

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Many of the top altcoins entered price corrections following the waning coin rally inspired by Bitcoin’s price pump.

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 The pump pulled most of the top crypto coins into uptrends, but Toncoin and Near Protocol have not been at optimal activity all year. At least not yet. Both Toncoin (TON) and Near Protocol (NEAR) have crucial tests to face as the Bitcoin halving approaches. 

On the other hand, Milei Moneda ($MEDA) is offering investors from such platforms a chance to join the winning team this time out. Watch out for the $MEDA token.

Toncoin investors approaching Telegram news with caution

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The Telegram platform has been in association with Toncoin since the token launched in 2018.

Some disagreement with the SEC in 2020 saw the social media network part with Toncoin, but Telegram’s activities have always heavily influenced TON’s altcoin price.

One of the most significant examples is the launch of the TON wallet in 2023. As soon as Telegram adopted the wallet for the transfer of crypto assets on its platform, TON got a 7% spike in value on the trading charts. 

Of course, the spike didn’t last too long; it was probably just enough to hit the headlines.

With that in mind, many investors are skeptical about delving into any last-minute purchases on the TON blockchain. 

Telegram’s new ad revenue-sharing policy might see more distribution of Toncoin assets, but the current price surge might not last too long.

Near Protocol faces crucial levels in next few weeks

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The weeks before any bull run are crucial for any token and even more so for the top DeFi coins

Near Protocol is in that phase where a lot depends on NEAR’s movements in the next few weeks. And it really doesn’t get much more crucial than this.

NEAR is well placed for an uptrend, as Near Protocol is trading between its most immediate resistance and support levels. 

TradingView analysis shows that if NEAR follows its current trend, there’s a chance that Near Protocol will experience a rally. 

Now, a coin rally for NEAR seems like a long shot, but it could get some surge if it manages to break the resistance. Currently, Near Protocol trades at 5% weekly losses, as it is only starting to recoup last week’s losses. Is NEAR a top crypto to buy right now? Maybe not.

But could Milei Moneda be one?

Milei Moneda opens doors to meme market

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Milei Moneda is one of the new ICOs to hit the markets in 2024. Since it’s a meme coin, you know what to expect from the $MEDA token launch. Loads of profit, yes? Sure, and it doesn’t end there.

Milei Moneda is concerned with promoting cryptocurrency trading globally.

$MEDA mimics Javier Milei, the Argentinian president and staunch advocate for cryptocurrency in the political sphere. With its social media influence and memes, Milei Moneda intends to drive a global campaign for DeFi adoption; $MEDA doesn’t see any better way to economic freedom.

Milei Moneda’s community will be a reference point for other top DeFi projects. Members will hold their $MEDA tokens to vote on and approve proposals, and Milei Moneda’s ecosystem will reward them for their commitment. 

There will also be a distribution of crypto freebies, and that’s not all.

More exclusive content comes to the average Milei Moneda holder, as you get trending NFTs and a chance to stake them for more rewards.

Right now, your best chance for Milei Moneda investments is the presale.

It’s in Stage 2, with $MEDA coins priced at $0.0125 each. It means participants who join in this round could see a potential 60% return if the token’s value launches at $0.020. 

Got $MEDA curiosity? Visit us or chat on Telegram for the inside scoop. Fast, fun, and informative!

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