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Bitbot thrives as Notcoin’s massive growth propels cryptocurrency adoption on Telegram 

on May 22, 2024
  • Telegram’s user base magnifies as many explore Web3 with blockchain games.
  • Notcoin leads the charge, attracting over 30M users on Telegram.
  • Trading bot Bitbot flourishes amid the developments.

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Social media platform Telegram is becoming a home for digital currency undertakings, with viral games such as Notcoin (NOT) gaining immense popularity. 

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As crypto projects with unique approaches attract an enormous following on Telegram, trading bot Bitbot (BITBOT) flourishes, with its presale nearing the $3,924,000 target.

Notcoin’s surge in popularity

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Notcoin attracted more than 30 million clients on Telegram within two months, confirming heightened user interest.

Further, it introduced Open Network-based crypto wallets on the platform. 

The viral “idle game” (which allows users to earn NOT coins by tapping their screens) has catalyzed massive Web3 adoption. 

Moreover, NOT listing on leading cryptocurrency exchanges offered gamers added financial opportunities. 

Bitbot: a state-of-the-art AI trading bot

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Bitbot is a new Telegram-based crypto trading bot attracting digital investors with its high-end features. The project leverages artificial intelligence to offer user-friendly investment tools and services. 

Savvy investors seem to have recognized Bitbot’s potential. It has raised $3,645,010 at stage 14 of its presale, approximately $300K below the target. 

Bitbot alleviates AI complexity, transforming the technology into easy-to-use tools for novice and experienced crypto traders. 

The Web3 project uses high-end security features, such as anti-rug and anti-MEV solutions, to ensure a safe environment for all trading activities. 

Bitbot’s Gem Scanner utilizes AI to offer market insights by analyzing colossal datasets, helping users make sound investment decisions. 

Further, investors can use the Degen Score to measure the potential of any crypto, whereas the copy trading features allow newbies to capitalize on experts’ positions for improved returns. 

The remarkable features reflect the massive potential of the native token BITBOT. 

BITBOT price forecast

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The altcoin trades at $0.0189, but the price will surge to $0.02 in the next presale stage. BITBOT will join crypto exchanges after finalizing its ICO.

That will increase Bitbot’s popularity, translating to impressive long-term growth for the asset. 

The increasing demand for crypto by Telegram users, anticipated broad-market rally, and AI trends set the stage for BITBOT prices to hit the $1 mark in the upcoming sessions. 

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