Piggy Bankster outlook as SEC clears path for Ethereum ETFs

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on Jun 3, 2024
  • U.S. SEC recently cleared path for Ethereum exchange-traded funds.
  • Here's what it may mean for the recently launched Piggy Bankster.
  • $PIGS will begin token sale tomorrow with initial liquidity of 12,000.

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Ethereum has been in an uptrend lately after the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission cleared path for its spot exchange-traded fund.

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Why are ETFs a big deal for cryptocurrencies?

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Such ETFs are a big deal for the crypto industry considering they essentially open doors for institutional capital to flow into the digital assets. The regulator had approved Spot Bitcoin ETFs in January and now Ethereum funds are moving in the same direction.

These exchange-traded funds are all the more exciting for crypto enthusiasts since the related benefit tends not to be restricted to Bitcoin or Ethereum only.

Being industry leaders, catalysts that boost their price typically help lift the price of other cryptocurrencies as well which now include Piggy Bankster.

Let’s dive deeper into what Piggy Bankster is and why it may be worth an investment in 2024.

What you need to know about Piggy Bankster

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Piggy Bankster is a new project launched on Solana blockchain that is powered by a meme coin of its own or “$PIGS”.

Note that the meme coin market was hardly worth anything before the pandemic and yet its valuation had surpassed a whopping $20 billion before the start of 2023.

So, the prospect of continued rapid growth in the meme coins space may be a good enough reason to begin with to secure a position in Piggy Bankster this year.  

$PIGS will commence token sale tomorrow (June 4th) at a price of $0.00012 only. So, you won’t have to break the bank to invest in Piggy Bankster. Further details about the project and its native token are available on this link.

Here’s what we know about $PIGS token sale

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Piggy Bankster will launch tomorrow with an initial liquidity of 12,000. Total supply of the meme coin is capped at 100 million.

Investing in $PIGS early may be a good idea because other meme coins like Bitbot and Bitcoin Dogs have done fairly well in their recent presales.

Plus, building a position in Piggy Bankster today may also enable you to benefit greatly when $PIGS goes live on a crypto exchange after the presale. That’s because a listing increases access and, therefore, helps deliver a significant boost to the price of a crypto token.

The fact that $PIGS is on Solana – currently one of the fastest growing blockchains makes it even more attractive for an investment. Click here to visit the website and find out more about Piggy Bankster now.

Crypto tailwinds that may benefit Piggy Bankster

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Lastly, Piggy Bankster, meme or not, is a cryptocurrency first which means the broader tailwinds of the crypto market may help it appreciate in price as well.

These include the interest rate cuts that the U.S. central bank has signalled for later this year. Lower rates tend to increase the risk appetite of the investors thereby bringing them more aggressively to the risk-on assets like cryptocurrencies (including $PIGS).

Plus, the total supply of Bitcoin halved in April delivering a supply shock that historically translates into a boost to price. Increase in BTC price is particularly significantly considering it’s a bellwether and trends to drag the rest of the market in the same direction in which it moves.

So, if Bitcoin continues to move up, it may serve as a catalyst for $PIGS as well. Interested in finding out more about Piggy Bankster? Click here to visit its website now.

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