Modular AI Blockchain 0G releases V2 of its testnet

on Jun 10, 2024
  • The launch of Testnet v2 follows the first version, which attracted over 600,000 wallet registrations.
  • Testnet Newton v2 is a Cosmos-based proof-of-stake chain enhancing network performance and reliability.
  • As Testnet Newton v2 progresses, 0G will continue to focus on innovation and community participation.

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Data availability network 0G has released Testnet Newton v2, marking an important step in its goal of making AI services a public good. V2 includes new features, stability improvements, and security enhancements, advancing the first iteration of the 0G testnet.

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Over 600,000 wallets registered for Testnet Newton v1

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The launch of Testnet v2 comes after the first version generated substantial community interest, with more than 600,000 wallets registering for the initial testnet. This high demand necessitated a significant network upgrade, which v2 aims to provide by offering enhanced scalability and interoperability.

Testnet Newton v2 operates on a Cosmos-based proof-of-stake chain, aimed at improving the network’s performance and reliability. New modules for data availability services and committee have been introduced to ensure data accessibility, enhancing the network’s efficiency. Additionally, v2 includes improved monitoring for better tracking of services such as storage nodes and key-value stores. Measures to prevent abuse of the testnet’s faucet system have also been strengthened.

“Testnet v2 is more than just an upgrade; it’s a testament to the vibrant 0G community,” said Michael Heinrich, Co-Founder and CEO of 0G.

Michael Heinrich states:

The response to v1, with over 600,000 registered wallets, highlighted the need for a more robust and scalable network. Testnet v2 addresses this need by introducing key features like data availability services and a rigorous validator selection process to ensure a secure and efficient platform.

Validator applications exceed 2,500, supporting network integrity

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Community interest in the 0G testnet resulted in over 2,500 validator applications. The selection process aimed to ensure the integrity of the testnet, with 121 validators chosen. Details on these selections can be found in the 0G Discord community.

The v2 Testnet will focus on detecting and mitigating plagiarism to maintain the originality of contributions. Mechanisms have been put in place to detect and prevent plagiarism, with ongoing efforts to reinforce these safeguards. Additionally, policies for validator rotation are being developed to encourage new participants and maintain the security of the 0G network.

Enhanced features and community engagement

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The release of Testnet Newton v2 represents a significant development for 0G. With new data availability modules, improved monitoring, and strengthened security measures, v2 aims to meet the community’s demand for a scalable and reliable network. The high number of registered wallets and validator applications reflects the growing interest in 0G’s initiative to make AI services a public good.

As Testnet Newton v2 progresses, 0G will continue to focus on innovation and community participation to ensure a secure, efficient, and accessible platform.

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