SolJu (SOLJU), memecoin with blend of Korean heritage, launching on Solana

on Jun 15, 2024
  • SolJu (SOLJU) is a new meme coin set to launch on Solana on June 18, 2024.
  • SOLJU is a fusion of popular Korean alcohol beverage Soju with Solana's blockchain technology.
  • The meme coin will be a fair launch, with initial liquidity at $12,000 and token price of $0.00012.

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There’s no hotter trend and narrative in the cryptocurrency market today than meme coins. The fusion of the internet meme, pop culture and viral trends continue to collide into a force that has evolved a whole new space teeming with opportunity.

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But while opportunity abounds, finding the next big thing before the crowd gets in is the tough part. Recently, politics-related memecoins stirred quite a frenzy, but that ship sailed a while ago. 

Now there’s this brewing narrative that’s alcohol-themed tokens, and fermenting, ready to pour tradition into tomorrow’s tech is SolJu ($SOLJU). This token, where low-latency meets drunken tradition, launches next week.

SolJu – celebrate technology, savor tradition

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SolJu is a new meme coin that celebrates South Korean drinking culture. It brings the famous Korean alcoholic beverage Soju to Solana, allowing degens a sip of the future as they cherish the best of the past.

Already a massive hit in the society, Soju is the most popular Korean spirit by sales volume. Solana, a top blockchain, is currently the world’s largest network for top meme coins. SolJu is a blend of the two, resulting into an alcohol-themed meme coin poised to take the crypto world by storm.

SolJu is about bringing the community together, savoring the good ol’ moments amid the intersection of crypto and culture. As the past blends with the future, it’s the $SOLJU holders that gather at the Pojangmacha to celebrate.

SolJu (SOLJU) comes to Solana next week

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Interested in “sippin’ on sum Soju”? Mark the calendar as this new meme coin is in fermentation and its $SOLJU token launches on Solana on June 18.

It’s a 100% fair launch, the mechanism that’s currently behind all the breakout meme coin launches in the market. With a fair launch, the community is guaranteed distributed ownership. No qualms and unfair distributions that have characterized some of airdrops and meme coin launches in recent months.

SolJu’s fair launch means no such thing as large insider wallets, team allocations, and other hidden shenanigans.

With SolJu, everyone will have an opportunity via a transparent, equitable token distribution model. It’s what Solana’s biggest memecoin dogwifhat ($WIF) adopted to such great success. No controversy, just pure love for the community.

SolJu tokenomics and roadmap

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SolJu will have a total supply of 100,000,000 tokens, launched with initial liquidity at $12,000 and token’s starting price of $0.00012.

Meanwhile, the roadmap highlights four distinct milestones. The fermentation phase includes the fair launch set for June 18 as well as marketing and listings on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

The next phase, distillation, highlights CEX listings and community meme competition before filtration brings $SOLJU to tier-1 exchanges and other key partnerships. SolJu’s native product, IP development and payments are set for phase four as $SOLJU takes over the ecosystem.

To learn more about SolJu, visit the official website.

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