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French wine to face 100% tariffs as Trump confronts France over taxes on tech companies
  • Trump said that new French tax hit American technology companies a declaration that could lead to retaliatory tariffs as high as 100% on French wines.
  • The retaliation could also jeopardize international efforts to negotiate a truce on so-called digital taxes.
  • French leaders have expressed concern that they are not been able to capture revenue from companies that sell or advertise online in France.
December 3, 2019

Market analysis

Investing in Wine – Interview Transcript with The Wine Investment Fund (TWIF)
An ‘Inside the Industry’ Opinion on Wine Investment 1. The fund’s website indicates that the great bulk of its investment of client funds is in Bordeaux wines. According to my reading, top Bordeaux vintages performed poorly in 2012, at least as regards London wine auctions. Accepting that this is just…
June 12, 2015
Investing In Wine – Exercise Caution Ahead
Among the myriad alternative investment products which have come to prominence since the onset of the global financial crisis made dangerous terrain of the traditional stocks and bonds markets, with everything from rare earth minerals to carbon credits getting a run, are wine investments. But not just any…
June 12, 2015
Fine Wine Investment – A View From The Inside
Fine Wine Investment Revisited Last year, iNVEZZ took a look at fine wine as an investment product (Investing In Wine – Exercise Caution Ahead) which concluded that, unless you have a high level of expertise – that you know your Chateauneuf du Pape’s from your Lafite…
February 18, 2013

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