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With an allround knowledge of the financial markets, I've covered European and American markets for years - providing detailed technical and fundamental analysis of the forex markets.

Latest articles by Alexander Slavchev

4th October 2017
Hunting or Trapping the Forex Trading – Get The Most Suitable Option
21st August 2017
Chart of the day
16th August 2017
EUR/USD limited up close to 1.1750
18th May 2017
Issues Pertaining to the Use of Forex VPS Services
17th January 2017
Investments and Speculation: Where to Draw the Line
9th January 2017
Hedging Against Volatility in Currency Markets
19th July 2016
Post Brexit: FCA vs CySec
27th June 2016
Option Trading Strategy – Following the Trends
15th May 2016
How global markets are reacting to the US dollar
10th March 2016
The Advantages Of Trading Online With XTrade
22nd February 2016
New deal for No Brexit
6th January 2016
FX trading software to watch in 2016
10th December 2015
Where is EURUSD going?
28th October 2015
What Makes a Good Investment Manager?
1st October 2015
Three Reasons You Won’t See a Strong Dollar Anytime Soon
31st August 2015
A Few Facts about Forex PAMM explored
27th August 2015
How to trade Forex with Bollinger Bands
31st July 2015
Trade Volatile Assets with Complete Confidence
17th July 2015
USDCAD Elliott Wave Analysis: Resistance Near 1.3000
11th June 2015
AUD Strives to Surge Supported by Australian Job Data, June 11th,2015
27th May 2015
Will the Pound keep its uptrend?
27th May 2015
Bullish breakout on the USD/SGD daily chart
20th May 2015
The Dramatic Change in Workplace Pensions
20th May 2015
Important Fibo levels on the GBP/JPY
13th May 2015
Breakout and pullback patterns on the Kiwi
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