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Silver Price Outlook: What Awaits the Precious Metal in Q2’21?
  • The easing of the US dollar and treasury yields have pushed silver price higher by 0.02% at $24.42.
  • The metal remains on a downtrend at the start of Q2'21.
  • Investors await the metal's reaction to the $2 billion US infrastructure plan.
April 1, 2021

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Silver and Gold price analysis as investors turn to US dollar amid turmoil in Turkey
Silver and gold prices slipped in Monday’s trading session after fresh turmoil in Turkey raised the appeal for the US dollar. Fundamental analysis: Turmoil in Turkey supports the US dollar Prices of gold and silver slipped on Monday after emerging markets investors rushed to safe-haven options including the US dollar…
March 22, 2021
Crude oil, Gold, Silver price analysis roundup
The global stock markets weakened last week, Wall Street’s three main indexes closed sharply lower, and the risk aversion will likely prevail the next trading week. The crude oil price fell on Friday as the U.S. dollar rose, but it continues to trade above $60 support. The Organization of the…
February 28, 2021
Reddit investing army strikes again – Silver price up 10% to hit 8-year highs
Silver price is trading more than 9% higher on Monday as it seems that the silver metal is the latest asset that is enjoying support from Wallstreetbets investors.  Fundamental analysis: #silversqueeze “Better late than ever,” is an old saying that may best describe today’s price action in silver. Reddit investing…
February 1, 2021
Is Silver a buy or sell in February?
The global stock markets have weakened this Wednesday; Wall Street’s three main indexes extended correction from the recent highs but remain in a bull market. Silver price remains supported by uncertainty over the global economic future, but it cannot stabilize above $26 resistance. Fundamental analysis: Silver price should continue to…
January 27, 2021

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