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Latest Commodities news

14th January
Gold Could Be Your Secret to a Glittering 2020
14th January
Denham Capital pledges $250 million investment in Ceiba Energy
10th January
UK Parliament to receive critical farm bill this month
9th January
Iran tension easing as oil spike vanishes
8th January
Brazilian soybean set to dominate the markets
8th January
Premier Oil to purchase BP’s North Sea assets to increase its stake in the Tolmount gas project
6th January
Is the US a net crude oil exporter just yet?
5th January
4 Assets to Invest In Given the Intensifying U.S. – Iran Conflict
5th January
A recap of last year’s oil and copper activities
4th January
Venezuela now allows the purchase of its oil via its crypto Petro
2nd January
Precious metals start the new year with upward rallies
30th December 2019
Why the energy sector is about to take a tumble
30th December 2019
Chinese Sinochem Energy to sell $1.65 billion of stake to five state-owned firms
24th December 2019
Commodities headed to a better year
22nd December 2019
Why oil prices are (suddenly) volatile
18th December 2019
Agricultural commodities up following US-China deal
17th December 2019
Chinese tariffs on US commodities after Phase One deal
16th December 2019
Will commodities buy the US-China story?
16th December 2019
Investors pushed to commodities, bitcoin due to economic stagnation
15th December 2019
Decisive UK election, trade deal pave the way for bullish oil prices
14th December 2019
Gold plunges amidst a “modest” US-China trade deal
12th December 2019
Impact of US-China trade war on commodities market
10th December 2019
Britain’s commodities trader Tesco likely to exit Asia
7th December 2019
Glencore, the world’s largest commodity trader is being investigated, again!
5th December 2019
Is blockchain the future of commodity pricing?
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