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ICO News – NeuroChain- Blockchain meets artificial intelligence

Blockchain technology has brought huge changes and advancements to our world, but it seems we’re at a turning point and this may only the beginning of what can be achieved. ICO NeuroChain has plans which they believe will accelerate the current possibilities.

The upcoming ICO is an enhanced blockchain, which is designed with the intention of advancing the capacity and performance of distributed systems.

They have made the decision to take everything back to square one. After extensive research, they claim to have created a formula that is based on entropy, integrity and enthalpy (thermodynamics). With this they have become able to determine how the user interacts with the system, as well as how the system looks to users.

They use the assessment of the three prisms mentioned above, to determine if users are contributing to improvement and good function of the blockchain. They have the aim to create something of value that is not only fairer, but faster than what currently exists too.

No miners!

They have unified artificial intelligence and machine learning in their blockchain, meaning there are no miners, instead robots that are adequate to have more data interactions.

NeuroChain are an open sourced project whom is based on an open sourced community. They believe an ICO is the most efficient method when it comes to mobilizing both community and money.

The date of the ICO

The token used on the NeuroChain platform will be NCC. A whitelist will be launched in the next few days to all who subscribed on their website, to enable all investors to have access to preferred conditions when the private sale will start in early March. The ICO is expected on March 19th and should attract a lot of attention.

A chat with NeuroChain

We had a chat with Bruno Delahaye, at NeuroChain, and he told us a bit more about the promising ICO. Here’s what he said;

Invezz:’’ What initially made you decide no miners, but bots instead?’’


 ‘’we have discovered that artificial intelligence or at least the creation of bots is a fantastic way of doing things’’

 ‘’ We started from a simple approach, the essence of Satoshi Nakamoto when he created the blockchain, was essentially to create a decentralized system, that would allow many people to participate without concentrating the powers in the hands of a peer. We’re now in 2018, and sadly we are observing this dream becoming more and more untrue. We see that the business of creating approvals in the blockchains with the miners is getting more and more concentrated into a few hands, only based on capitalisation power and the amount of money you can invest. We wanted to come back to the idea where we want a truly democratised system that is in the hands of everybody. For that we have discovered that artificial intelligence or at least the creation of bots is a fantastic way of doing things, it does not require the presence of the miners because the system is basically based on everybody’s approval (not a single peer). Secondly it creates an environment that is a machine learning environment that learns by itself and contains all the seeds for growth and all the ability  to dramatically evolve into something more and more specific everyday’’.

Invezz: What is NeuroChain’s ultimate goal?

Bruno: ‘’We have two types of goals, one which is a more business oriented goal and a second, which is more of a social goal. The business goal that we have is that we are developing a protocol, which will enable businesses to re-define their business process, in a much more efficient way. By enabling them to use the blockchain protocol with the additional value that we have created, the ability to be able to give a quality and quantity value to transaction. The consensus that we use composed of three components, that we have defined with these three words; entropy, enthalpy, and integrity, these three words create the consensus. The approach that you have in business and you run for it as well, and then you’re seen by the rest of the system as a good provide; because you’re on time, you’re fair, you’re not employing underage kids, or because you’re respecting the laws of your country, all this will be remarked and noticed by the system; that creates a condition for basically enabling an overall, economical system. To be approved and qualified progressively, the best providers and the best performers, that’s the big NeuroChain difference here, that we are proposing.

The social goal is to provide a system that enables all of the components we need to be tied up together in one place, that will make sure that every transaction is absolutely valid, that has never been diverted by anybody. It is then we will have the ability to address those massive social issues, common issues, poverty issues; by digitally connecting the people together. The blockchain way is certainly a way which you could start addressing these issues. It can only be done by the protocol that basically deserves the level of integrity of each very unique concept, to be able to address these massive social issues’’.

Invezz: Are you expecting many competitors?


‘’At this point, I don’t see any competitors’’  

‘’I don’t see any today, today there’s none. There are other protocols of course; they’re all based on the same old smart technique that has been created through the Ethereum protocol. So we are the next generation, we are coming after that. We have deployed the ability to use bots which are powered by artificial intelligence with seniority. So there’s no protocol right now, developed to the point that can really leverage this new programming language; therefore, at this point, I don’t see a competitor.’’

‘’You reach a level of collective intelligence, therefore, you could say, that’s the best level of protection’’.

If this ICO is successful, there should be big advancements within the sphere and we could be looking at possibilities accelerating even more from 2018 onwards as the technology gets even more advanced.

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