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ATTRACE – An Affiliate Marketing Revolution in the Making

Affiliate marketing is considered one of the most popular online jobs. But the market has been saddled by problems like attributing clicks on ads and the resultant compensation. Now, Attrace plans to address this problem and level the playing field.

The Attrace tokens (ATTR) is going to be initially released in accordance with ERC-20 standard. Attrace token Presale starts on 21st June.

Here are the pre-Sale parameters:

Pre-Sale Dates: 21.06.2018 — 05.07.2018

Hard Cap Pre-Sale: $5,000,000

Sales Volume of Pre-Sale: 200,000,000 ATTR

Min. Buying Transaction: 5.0 ETH

Private-Sale Price: 1 ATTR = $0.025 (includes bonus)

Bonuses: 40% in main sale


As the first decentralised blockchain-based affiliate marketing program, it poses to introduce significant changes in the industry. Let’s take a look at what it promises and what it can deliver.

As per the official whitepaper and explainer video detailing the project, Attrace is a first of its kind. Designed to help affiliate marketers get their justly deserved compensations, it makes many great propositions. The first among these is the elimination of the Affiliate Networks. As every affiliate marketer knows, there is a disproportionate attribution of revenue in the industry.

At the same time, trust and tracking are major problems that add to this problem. Attrace proposes to get rid of this problem altogether and provide a fair compensatory module to industry professionals. Thus, the blockchain based program offers a radical solution and may very well extend the boundaries of the industry.

What is the Core Problem?

Currently, the affiliate marketing domain has a size of approximately $13 Billion. This is only a small fraction of the overall online marketing industry which stands at $ 260 Billion. If you ask industry experts, they will tell you that this domain has a lot of potential. However, this potential is been kept down by the exorbitant fees charges by affiliate networks. This is relevant because it keeps both professionals as well as companies out of the picture. At the same time, it also makes investing in this domain a risky proposition.

What Does Attrace Propose?

According to its dedicated website, Attrace will essentially get rid of all the problems that are keeping them marketing. This will allow for greater participation by both companies and professionals. Consequently, the entire market can witness a radical overhaul. The primary factors involved here are 95 % reduction in fees, removal of other detrimental factors like attribution and tracking analysis, fraud detection problems, instant real value payments, spamming elimination etc. Also, the program will facilitate direct contact between all parties.

What Makes Attrace Unique?

Attrace ICO

Currently, Attrace is the only program in the market that tracks each and every click. Thus, it is far more effective than its competitors. Additionally, the use of smart contracts along with an economical platform through a dedicated blockchain will result in success. Further, the use of tokens to symbolise payments means transactions are secure and the entire network is self-sustaining.

What Does Attrace Mean for the Online Market?

With such a large number of companies and people involved in online marketing, it was only a matter of time before its mainstream emergence. With Attrace companies and professionals can now ascend from the limitations of ineffective marketing. Affiliate marketing will become not just a viable option but also a fair one. So, the promise that Attrace holds is staggering and requires our serious attention.

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