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KIND Ads – A New Way to Advertise

Don’t you find those pesky pop-up advertisements annoying? So do a vast majority of internet users.

Statistics show at as many as 97 percent of all pop-up advertising efforts go unrealised. This means that the current advertising protocol for giants like Facebook and Google are ineffective to say the least.

Moreover, advertisers and publishers get almost nothing from their effort. The vast majority of the revenue generated goes to the platforms that are being used. So, this is a no-win situation for most of the people involved in the online advertising business including the user. But there is a change on the horizon quickly developing into a tropical storm – KIND Ads.

What are KIND Ads?

As the name suggests, KIND Ads are not only meant to be kinder to the people who do all the work but also be more generous and considerate to the target audience. By using blockchain technology to cut-out the middlemen, KIND Ads seeks to revolutionise the way online advertising is done. It attempts to introduce a fairer and more effective way of meeting new customers and generating sales.

Kind Ads

While this idea is certainly not a new one, it is a definitely better than all the other alternatives available. This is so because KIND Ads does not rely on a change of platform for its implementation. So, those of us (and there a many) who would like to keep using their favourite browsers, like Chrome or Opera, can keep doing so and still enjoy better ads.

What is the Premise of KIND Ads?

In a nutshell, KIND Ads wants to transform online advertising. It will do so by leveraging newer technological advancements like push notifications or chatbots and protecting advertisers through domain ratings.

It is common sense that you will get more out of a person if you approach them respectfully and KIND Ads plans to do just that. By giving greater control of the advertising process to the advertisers, it will introduce a better system of targeted advertising that currently prevalent which will also be highly cost-effective.

By using blockchain technology to implement a decentralised advertising paradigm, KIND Token will give advertisers a more economical option, pay publishers better and even compensate users for providing their personal data. Clearly, this is a step in the right direction than the aggressive and unsolicited advertising drives prevalent online right now.

What Are the Numbers?

KIND Ads has already raised $20 million in a private ICO round! The profit percentage has been divided as such that 85 percent of all revenue generated will go to publishers while the remaining will be allocated to app partners and users.

This incentivised participation paradigm alone is good enough to make KIND Ads a major player in the advertising market and is sure to take the venture more than a few steps further.

With better ads and more respect for privacy, KIND Ads is certainly not only a more ethical approach to advertising but also one that is more effective as well.

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