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Bitcoin SV (BSV) gets listed on Korean community exchange
  • South Korean largest community exchange, Bitribe, recently announced the listing of Bitcoin SV.
  • The exchange services around a million users in Asia, and as such, it provides major exposure for the coin.
  • Bitribe is also not alone in its new appreciation of BSV, but only the latest one to list the coin.
September 23, 2020

Market analysis

Market roundup – Bitcoin price prints $12k, Ethereum price hits 2-year highs
The cryptocurrency market has been trading in a volatile fashion over the weekend. Bitcoin price moved above $12k for the first time in a year, while Ethereum hit the highest levels since August 2018.  Overall, nearly $1.5 billion has been liquidated on major crypto exchanges after the world’s biggest digital…
August 2, 2020
Why I Wouldn’t Invest in Bitcoin SV Right Now
After it staged a rally that resulted in the value increase of more than 170% in just a day, Bitcoin SV has already returned nearly 80% of those gains. The initial rally raised many eyebrows as it appears that it was a manipulated move; a warning sign for those…
January 19, 2020

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