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Cardano’s Catalyst reaches the Google Play Store
26th October
  • Charles Hoskinson's crypto project, Cardano, has recently launched its app Catalyst to Google Play Store.
  • The community hopes that the app will help drive the adoption of Cardano, and the crypto industry, itself.
  • There were many crypto apps on the Play Store and App Store already, but most were eventually blocked.

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Latest Cardano news

2nd October
eToro starts providing staking rewards for Cardano (ADA) and Tron (TRX)
26th September
Cardano price is up 114% since May, is it still a buy?
26th September
Cardano (ADA) price approaches $0.1 in a 19% surge
21st September
Change Invest is offering ultra-low crypto trading fees
4th September
BitMEX exchange rolls out four new Quanto Futures contracts
13th July
Fraudulent YouTube giveaways targeting Cardano users
8th July
Cardano’s Shelley launch causes a major price surge
6th July
Ethereum 2.0 is late: Cardano takes the spotlight
30th June
Cardano (ADA) gets listed on a prominent US exchange
20th June
Cardano price surges as the new Shelley upgrade approaches
11th June
Cardano Foundation makes new appointments to help boost its tech capabilities
10th June
XTZ vs ADA: Rivalry for the 10th spot continues
9th June
Cardano is opening Shelley TestNet for all pool operators
4th June
New Cardano announcement launches ADA price by 60%
22nd May
Cardano’s new project to bring crypto closer to fiat lovers
19th May
Cardano’s Shelley tests successful, but ADA still has a long fight ahead
8th May
Cardano partners with UZH Blockchain Center’s summer school
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