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Cosmos (ATOM) launches Stargate — a developer-oriented IBC protocol
  • Cosmos (ATOM) recently launched a new software development kit (SDK) known as Stargate.
  • Stargate protocol's main focus will be on blockchain interoperability.
  • However, it will also bring a number of additional benefits that will improve the project's functionality.
January 11, 2021

Market analysis

Cosmos, PotCoin, Theta price analysis roundup
All major cryptocurrencies have advanced this Monday, and this situation also supports the price of Cosmos, PotCoin, and Theta. Bitcoin has moved again above $19000, indicating that the price could reach the $20000 resistance level this December. Cosmos (ATOM) is trading again above the $5.5 level Cosmos (ATOM) is one…
November 30, 2020
Up or down? Cosmos (ATOM) price prediction for November
Cosmos (ATOM) price has weakened from $8.7 below $4 in less than three months and the current price stands around $5. There is still a level of uncertainty surrounding the Cosmos project but if the price jumps again above $6 the next target could be located at $7 or…
November 14, 2020
Cosmos (ATOM) price could gain over 20% in October
Cosmos (ATOM) price is trading in an impressive form as it gained over 30% since October 07. The price action created a specific chart pattern that could extend the current rally for over 20%. Fundamental analysis: Stargate upgrade to enhance strength Cosmos has announced a new 3-month bug…
October 12, 2020

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