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IOTA (MIOTA) Foundation becomes an official member of the CHAISE consortium
  • IOTA Foundation recently published a blog post revealing that it joined the CHAISE consortium.
  • The Consortium’s goal is to provide blockchain education and training, thus skilled developers.
  • This is important as the demand for blockchain is skyrocketing, while the number of professionals remains low.
March 16, 2021

Market analysis

IOTA (MIOTA) posts double-digit gains ahead of its Chrysalis upgrade
IOTA’s price posted double-digit gains in the past 24 hours, with its price reaching as high as $1.5. What was the cause of this price gain, and should you buy some MIOTA now? Fundamental analysis: Chrysalis update pushes IOTA to new use cases IOTA is a distributed ledger-based digital…
February 18, 2021
IOTA remains undervalued and the price could advance in January. Here’s the next target for buyers
The cryptocurrency market continues to trade in a bull zone, Bitcoin has advanced above $28000, but the IOTA price is still unable to stabilize above the $0.30 resistance level. IOTA might still be undervalued despite all the problems, and some analysts say that this cryptocurrency could be trading again…
December 30, 2020
Dash, Chainlink, IOTA price analysis roundup
The cryptocurrency market remains in the bull zone, and this situation also supports the price of Dash, Chainlink, and IOTA. Bitcoin has found strong support above the $20 000 level, but some analysts say that the correction could be around the corner. The negative news is that Ripple (XRP)…
December 22, 2020
October update: should you buy or sell IOTA?
IOTA (MIOTA) has found strong support above the $0.20 level but the price is still not able to surpass $0.30 resistance. If you want to buy IOTA, the current price level represents good value for what you pay and maybe now could be a good time to buy this…
October 19, 2020

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