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IOTA can be a profitable investment, here’s why
17th September
  • IOTA allows secure data transfers between digital devices without transaction fees
  • A very good team stands behind this project and the fundamentals of this cryptocurrency are steadily improving
  • If the price jumps above $0.30 it would be a "buy" signal and we have the open way to $0.35

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Latest IOTA news

11th July
IOTA broke a strong resistance but has yet to turn it into a support
30th June
IOTA price makes a comeback after being rejected by a strong resistance
16th June
IOTA and Lidbot partner to revolutionize waste management
11th June
Intel’s new patent mentions the possible use of IOTA’s Tangle
5th June
Eclipse’s Board of Directors gets a new crypto member, IOTA
20th May
The Digital Twin Consortium receives IOTA as a new member
6th May
SOCIETY2 launches website; Begins developing the future of social media
4th May
IOTA to deliver a new, decentralized social media platform
13th April
“Qubic is dead; Smart Contracts are the future,” says IOTA’s Sønstebø
14th February
IOTA has shut down network to investigate Trinity Wallet Hack
2nd January
3 Best Cryptocurrencies to invest in for January, 2020
30th December 2019
IOTA transactions once again possible: The project’s mainnet problems are fixed
31st January 2019
IOTA price (MIOTA/USD) drops despite positive Thursday start
13th November 2018
IOTA price (MIOTA/USD) dips below $0.50 on Tuesday afternoon
31st August 2018
IOTA price (MIOTA/USD) hovers around $0.70 as recovery stalls
30th August 2018
IOTA price (MIOTA/USD) falls below $0.70 amid sharp crypto correction
28th August 2018
IOTA price (MIOTA/USD) breaks above $0.70 after 20% gain
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