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G7 will not allow Libra to go live before proper regulations
13th October
  • G7, a group of major global economies, announced recently that it will not allow Facebook to launch Libra.
  • According to them, global stablecoins cannot be allowed without being properly regulated.
  • Facebook has run into similar issues before due to fears of global stablecoins threatening financial systems.

Latest Libra news

23rd June
Fed economists feel that Libra would not have lived up to the hype
15th May
Singapore-headquartered Temasek Holdings joins the Libra Association
7th May
The Libra Association appoints Stuart Levey as its first CEO
25th April
Facebook’s Calibra team explains a new method for BTF testing
20th April
Dfinance launches a VS Code extension to help develop Libra apps using Move
4th March
Facebook announces Libra changes: The wallet will be more inclusive
22nd January
Libra Association loses yet another member — Vodafone
3rd January
ECB’s policymaker encourages EU banks to fight Libra with a cheaper payment solution
20th November 2019
Libra Association’s Bison Trails receives a $25.5 million-large investment
29th October 2019
China joins the list of countries to ban Libra operations
23rd October 2019
Facebook’s CEO, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, to testify before Congress on Wednesday
18th October 2019
Senator Ross – U.S Securities Act Is Obsolete; Supports Libra Cryptocurrency
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