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Monero price is up 45% since July, is it still a buy?
23rd September
  • There is still a level of uncertainty surrounding the Monero project
  • Internal Revenue Service is seeking a tool that can be used to trace privacy coins like Monero
  • As long the price of Monero is above $80 this cryptocurrency is not in the “sell” zone

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27th July
Coinbase explains why it won’t list Monero (XMR)
20th July
Argentinian telecom supposedly hit by a crypto ransomware
26th June
ISIS-associated news website adopts monero (XMR)
12th June
A unique Monero-mining campaign hits Kubernetes
29th April
An old kidnapping case involving Monero sees a new twist
11th April
HTC’s new partnership to allow XMR mobile mining
10th April
John McAfee claims governments will soon ban privacy coins
4th April
Decred and Monero drop in another wave of corrections
14th December 2019
The Funds Travel Rule does not apply to Monero, claims Monero Compliance Workgroup
10th January 2019
Monero price (XMR/USD) falls to three-week low on Thursday morning
30th November 2018
Monero price (XMR/USD) drops below $60 amid widespread crypto-decline
23rd October 2018
Monero price (XMR/USD) surges to 8-day high as transaction fees drop
5th September 2018
Monero warns: Mega.nz’s Chrome extension compromised
4th September 2018
Monero price (XMR/USD) faces resistance after hitting one month-high near $140
1st March 2018
Monero price (XMR/USD) surges following hard fork announcement
7th February 2018
Monero Analysis (XMR/USD) February 8, 2018
1st February 2018
Monero Analysis (XMR/USD) February 2, 2018
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