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NEXO sees 440% price growth thanks to its Nexonomics initiative
  • Nexo project saw a major success of its Nexonomics initiative which started in October 2020.
  • Project's goal was to improve the utility of its token, sustain its price, and set foundations for finance.
  • The project also had a number of initiatives that were highly beneficial for its users, as well as its price.
January 15, 2021

Market analysis

Nexo (NEXO) price prediction for January
The cryptocurrency market is advancing this Wednesday; Bitcoin’s price went above $35000 resistance and reached a new all-time high. NEXO has increased from $0.30 above $0.80 in less than several weeks, and the current price stands around $0.62. Fundamental analysis: Nexo allows the liquidation of digital assets Nexo is…
January 6, 2021

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