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Waves, PotCoin, Theta price analysis roundup
  • Waves, PotCoin, and Theta, continue to trade in a bull market
  • The cryptocurrency market continues to attract institutional investors
  • Ray Dalio said that Bitcoin could have a similar impact on the financial world as gold in the 1930s
March 27, 2021

Market analysis

Waves, PotCoin, Theta price analysis roundup
The cryptocurrency market is advancing this Saturday, and this situation also supports Waves, PotCoin, and Theta’s price. Bitcoin price has advanced again above $55000 resistance level, and it is important to mention that popular investor Ray Dalio said this week that Bitcoin could have a similar impact on the financial…
March 27, 2021
Theta (THETA) price prediction for April
Theta (THETA) price soared over 12% yesterday to return to the all-time highs area.  Fundamental analysis: Bitcoin could rise to $115K this summer, says Pantera Capital CEO Bitcoin could double in value before the end of the year says Dan Morehead, chief executive and a chief investment officer…
March 18, 2021
THETA price analysis: going to $10, or was it all just a pump and dump?
THETA (THETA) is has been trending up exponentially in the past week, with its price reaching an all-time high of over $8. What is the reason for this move, and should you consider buying some THETA now? Fundamental analysis: analysts conflicted on where THETA will end up THETA has…
March 12, 2021
Theta (THETA) price is now up over 850% since December
Theta (THETA) price has moved further higher today to print a new record high at $5.37. This means THETA trades over 850% in just three months.  Fundamental analysis: Sony becomes Theta’s new network validator Theta Network, a decentralized media streaming blockchain, has made Sony’s European research arm its network…
March 9, 2021

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