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Monero, Waves, Tron price analysis roundup
  • Monero, Waves, and Tron remain in the bull market
  • Janet Yellen said this week that we should use the potential of cryptocurrencies
  • Bitcoin price went below $30000 on Friday
January 23, 2021

Market analysis

Monero, Waves, Tron price analysis roundup
The cryptocurrency continues to lose its value this week, the price of Bitcoin went below $30000 this Friday, and the risk of further declines is not over yet. Monero, Waves, and Tron’s price is also under pressure, but these three cryptocurrencies still remain in a bull market. If the price…
January 23, 2021
Up or down? Waves (WAVES) price prediction for December
All major cryptocurrencies are advancing this trading week, and this situation also supports the price of Waves (WAVES). Bitcoin has stabilized above the $19000 support level, indicating that the price could reach the $20000 resistance level this December. Fundamental analysis: There is still a level of uncertainty surrounding this…
December 3, 2020
Is Waves (WAVES) a buy or sell in December?
Waves (WAVES) price has advanced  above $7 this Friday and the current price stands around $6.83. This cryptocurrency continues to trade in a bull market and for now, there is no signal of the trend reversal. Fundamental analysis: Waves enables users to issue tokens without any programming experience Waves…
November 20, 2020
Waves (WAVES) price explodes to fresh all-time highs
Waves (WAVES) price has printed fresh record highs above the $5.00 handle this week to extend its impressive performance in November.  Fundamental analysis: Waves establishes a $3 million grant fund to foster cross-chain interoperability solutions Earlier it was announced that the Waves Association plans to set up a new…
November 17, 2020

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