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Zilliqa (ZIL) team offers a solution for stuck transactions
  • Zilliqa users experienced problems on certain crypto exchanges, with their withdrawal requests rejected.
  • The ZIL team addressed the issue, claiming that some rejected transactions affected others in a similar way.
  • The team has a solution, claiming that the exchanges are resending transactions and that the funds are safe.
January 4, 2021

Market analysis

Up or down? Zilliqa (ZIL) price prediction for January
All major cryptocurrencies are advancing this Friday, and this situation also supports Zilliqa’s price. Bitcoin has stabilized above the $24000 support level, indicating that the price could reach the $25000 resistance level in the upcoming weeks or maybe days. Fundamental analysis: Zilliqa is transitioning towards Zilliqa 2.0, which will include…
December 25, 2020
Zilliqa (ZIL) price prediction for November
Zilliqa (ZIL) price has spent the past 5 months in a triangle consolidation pattern. As two converging trend lines have almost touched now, the digital asset is about to break out. Here, we take a closer look at where ZIL is likely to trade in November.  Fundamental analysis: 1…
October 25, 2020
Zilliqa price is now up 120% on the month thanks to the aggressive marketing campaign
Zilliqa (ZIL) price has skyrocketed in the past few weeks on a series of positive developments surrounding the Singapore-based blockchain platform, including a listing of a ZIL/BUSD trading pair on Binance. Fundamental analysis: Buterin’s acknowledgment, Binance listing and more At the end of the last week, the crypto exchange…
May 26, 2020

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