Latest Stock exchange news

5th June
UK shares mark the 3rd consecutive week of gains on optimism of quick economic recovery
1st June
FTSE 100 climbs 1.5% on Monday as the UK continues to ease COVID-19 restrictions
29th May
U.K. shares close the week on a dovish note as the U.S. – China tensions flare
26th May
FTSE 100 climbs 1.2% as British retailers line up to reopen stores
22nd May
FTSE 100 loses traction as China proposes new security laws on Hong Kong
18th May
FTSE 100 records strongest performance since March on hopes of faster recovery from the global recession
15th May
London stocks gain on Friday as China’s factory output climbs for the 1st time in 2020
13th May
Ares Australia Management sets up its first alternative investment fund
12th May
FTSE 100 rallies moderately on Tuesday on upbeat earnings reports
8th May
U.S unemployment report fuels a 1.14% increase in the S&P 500 index
4th May
FTSE 100 welcomes May on a dovish note as U.S accuses China of COVID-19
7th April
Crypto investors sue exchanges and insurers alleging security violations
7th April
11 lawsuits hit the world’s largest crypto exchanges
6th April
Freewallet and Changelly to Launch Off-Chain Exchanges
30th March
UK shares slip on higher risks of extended lockdown
28th March
UK stocks tank as PM Johnson tests positive for Coronavirus
27th March
Canadian tax authority keen on getting one exchange’s user data
26th March
Global stock market tumbles on U.S unemployment fears despite a £1.69 trillion rescue package
25th March
FTSE 100 gains 4.5% on Wednesday on optimism of the U.S stimulus package
23rd March
London stocks slump as the UK resorts to countrywide lockdown to combat Coronavirus
19th March
Dow Jones loses 352 points and signals another day in the red zone for Wall Street
16th March
Global stock indices under pressure as U.S Fed’s rate cut fails to calm financial markets
12th March
Global financial markets at unease as President Trump announces a travel ban on Europe
28th February
Two major cryptocurrency exchanges hit by DDoS attacks
25th February
Kraken exchange’s director thinks that BTC will surpass $100k by far
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