Latest Stock exchange news

17th February
Tax regulations in Brazil forcing multiple crypto exchanges to shut down
15th February
OKEx partners with Indian exchanges to expand its reach
15th February
Two Brazillian crypto exchanges shut down due to tax rules
15th February
Singapore-based crypto exchanges employee allegedly burned $75m of FCoin
3rd February
FTX CEO says that derivatives exchanges in the US and Asia target different types of users
27th January
Investors Forked Over $5B Extra From High-Speed Traders
17th January
All crypto exchanges serving Canadians now under the country’s securities laws
28th November 2019
China’s crypto cleanup has already started: At least 5 exchanges are closing shop
11th September 2019
LSE share price rallies on Hong Kong Exchange’s shock bid
19th September 2018
New York Attorney General Barbara D. Underwood blasts cryptocurrency exchanges
3rd September 2018
Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) review registration screening process for cryptocurrency exchanges
23rd August 2018
Chinese regulators identify and set to block 124 foreign crypto exchanges
10th August 2018
Japan watchdog publishes results of ‘on-site inspections’ of crypto exchanges
28th June 2018
Bithumb retrieves $14 million of stolen funds thanks to collaboration with global exchanges
24th May 2018
ICO News: Singapore issues compliance order to 8 crypto exchanges
24th April 2018
Japanese crypto exchanges launch self-regulatory body
5th April 2018
New AML rules for crypto exchanges come into force in Australia
29th March 2018
Two Japanese exchanges set to shut down operations
22nd March 2018
South Korean watchdogs to probe local banks over AML procedures for crypto exchanges
16th March 2018
South Korean prosecutors said to raid three crypto exchanges
8th March 2018
Japan’s financial watchdogs penalises some cryptocurrency exchanges
7th March 2018
Japan’s financial watchdog prepares penalties for local crypto exchanges
6th March 2018
China said to block digital currency exchanges on social media
5th March 2018
Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges to launch self-regulatory body next month
1st March 2018
China’s police said to monitor foreign cryptocurrency exchanges
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