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Ethereum / US Dollar price, charts & news

-0.516929 (2.29%)
Open 439.0882
Close 438.5268
High 441.7297
Low 435.9407


Currently the ETH/USD is trading at 438.5712, a change of 2.29% since yesterday when the pair was traded for 439.0882. The above graph shows the recent price fluctuations of the ETH/USD, and the changes in value of Ethereum against US Dollar in real time. This can be manually adjusted to display longer timeframes of trading data and help identify trends in ETH/USD trading.

Latest ETH/USD news

14th August
Two more South Korean banks to start offering crypto services
14th August
Congressman Emmer aims to lead the first-ever crypto Town Hall
11th August
IP Australia and NRL partner in a blockchain trial to fight counterfeits
7th August
A new analysis says that 500 coin holders own 90% of DeFi tokens
7th August
Kadena implements the first crypto gas station on blockchain
6th August
Ethereum transaction volume surpasses $12 billion amid DeFi boom
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