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Chainlink / US Dollar price, charts & news

-0.469038 (-6.60%)
Open 8.770699
Close 8.170690
High 8.805453
Low 7.940738


Currently the LINK/USD is trading at 8.301660, a change of -6.60% since yesterday when the pair was traded for 8.770699. The above graph shows the recent price fluctuations of the LINK/USD, and the changes in value of Chainlink against US Dollar in real time. This can be manually adjusted to display longer timeframes of trading data and help identify trends in LINK/USD trading.

Latest LINK/USD news

22nd September
Analysts predict Chainlink to recover previous losses following Bitcoin
14th September
Hackers steal $8 million worth of cryptocurrencies from DeFi Protocol bZx
7th September
Chainlink (LINK) recovers previous losses after a massive downfall: What is ahead for LINK?
4th September
BitMEX exchange rolls out four new Quanto Futures contracts
4th September
Bitstamp reviewing a new batch of 25 coins for potential listing
29th August
Chainlink announces the acquisition of Cornell University’s DECO
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